Independence or fool's license IV

Everything, including that of the other sections in this blog, is demonstrably connected.

1. Those involved in the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (corporation under public law) tell untruths before the court. Responsible at the social court in Kiel is a Mrs. Hamdorf. Mrs. Hamdorf ignores the untuths. She also turns a blind eye to important notes. Witnesses will be named. Mrs. H. is not interested in this either. Any means remain unsuccessful. After legal advice, the application for evidence, affidavit, is submitted to the court.

Mrs. Hamdorf does not process this application.

2. She exchanges letters with ASHIP and agreements take place. She received various letters and documents from those involved over a period of months. The other side is even not informed by her for months. She also does not send the letters and documents. She is written to several times and asked about the status of the procedure, in vain. Other incidents occur too. Mrs Hamdorf has, so to speak, arranged everything together with the authority in such a way as to decide in favour of the authority.

Ms Hamdorf's 'working method' is consequently then presented to the court immediately (This also includes the above points 1 and 2). 

1. During the entire time there was nothing to be heard from Mrs. Hamdorf. During the entire period she had neither mentioned, acknowledged, nor processed the application.

This is what Ms. Hamdrof said on November 25th, 2019:

The application did not require a formal "interim decision". She also actually writes: It “doesn't” matter (see below).

Addition: There was denn neither an “interim decision” nor a “final decision” on the application. In her subsequent “decision” she does not even mention the application.

2: The other side is not informed about for months (July to end of November), nor she sents these letters and documents.

Here is her poor excuse  fo it (excerpt in advance):

It would have "overlapped" and the failure to forward the letters and documents happened to her "accidentally".

So to say: Permanent "accidents" & months of "overlapping"? 

Proof: SH9

The application was also submitted to her demonstrably in writing, signed, sent by fax and reminded. The inquiries and requests were also sent, not “by email", but demonstrably in writing and signed by fax on 22.03. 04.05. 07.05. 26 June 28, 2019 etc. At a certain point in time, Mrs. H. has almost no overview of the procedure and the matter.

Who is Horst Dieter Heye? Horst Dieter Heye is the former director of the social court in Kiel.

Where does he work afterwards?

At the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

And who is Jörn Weitzmann from Hamburg?