Independence or fool's license V

There are scandalous incidents of the institution under public law, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of Schleswig-Holstein (KVSH=ASHIP) in Bad Segeberg.

A Ms. S. Hamdorf & Mr. D. Hengelhaupt are responsible for the social court and a Mr. H. Blöcher for the State Social court. They are not only involved in the intrigues, but it is only "worked" in one direction. The court's duty of neutrality is lost.

To give some examples:

1. The parties involved in the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians are demonstrably lying at the court. Any clue and evidence from you will be hidden in court. Ultimately, after legal advice, you submit the application for evidence (acceptance of affidavit). This application has not been processed for 3 years now. An affidavit is still missing to this day.


Because the Criminal Code (StGB) says: Anyone who incorrectly takes out such an affidavit to the competent authority or makes false statements with reference to such an insurance will be punished with imprisonment of up to three years or a fine.

2. You find out that

A) letters go out to the other party but you are not informed.

B) extremely important letters from the other party are received by Mr. Blöcher, but you are neither informed nor sent them.

You draw the court's attention to this several times and complain for weeks, in vain. You contact the management of the court, without success. You contact the court administration again that you are being deprived of documents, in vain. In the meantime, Mr. Blöcher has arranged everything in favor of the authority, puts you under pressure, has set a "decision date" and you can't even defend yourself. He doesn't tell you too that he has already received letters from the other party.

Finally, you describe the situation and present evidence to the investigating authority. Because you can prove your statements.

Only then will Mr. Blöcher send you the letter from the other party.

Proof (see below): SH17

Mr. Blöcher is stopped. He then actually writes to you, also to the investigating authority (“again”). It can also be proven from other files that this statement is also demonstrably a lie and that the extremely important letter from the other party was withheld from you for weeks and Mr. Blöcher already wanted to "decide". This letter was received by the court on April 28th, 2021.

This is how courts "work" in Germany. This is not an isolated case either.

How credible is a state social court in Germany?

Who is a Mr. Horst Dieter Heye?

Mr. Horst Dieter Heye was head of the social court in Kiel.

Where does he work afterwards?

At the Schleswig-Holstein Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.