Is there a kind of clan crime in the authorities and the judiciary of MV I?

Imagine that in your case those involved at the highest levels have lied and cheated. Your counterpart is delinquent and tries to cover up his illegal and criminal activities under the guise of the "state".

As a citizen, you can prove that those accused of the "authorities" & the "judiciary" know each other and are partly related to each other.

The actions of those involved have consequences for them. They don't get to the bottom of them. However, arbitrary actions will be taken against you that demonstrably lack any legitimacy, authority or legal basis. Not only that. It can't be that crime starts with those who should be trusted.

A brief chronology. Please judge for yourself:

1. The commissioned lawyer will represent you and contact those involved.

The lawyer writes this on February 18th, 2019. He requests access to the file

Proof (see below): MV36

2. That's what Ms. Pohl does on February 20th, 2019. She applies for “manhunt” etc. against you. She seems to have completely lost control of herself. Is she a racist?

Proof: MV37

3. This is what Ms. Pohl writes to the lawyer on February 22nd, 2019.

Proof: MV38

The lawyer does not have access to the files. Ms Pohl writes hat the files were sent „otherwise“. Other documents indicate that the files were not sent "otherwise".

It has now been 6 weeks. The same parties continue to harass and coerce you, otherwise nothing happens. On April 1st, 2019, a letter signed by Ms. Pohl herself, handwritten and original, was recieved. The content of her letter is completely confused.

4. And the lawyer is still not granted access to the files. Why? The files would still “not” be available. Other documents indicate that the files were available.

5. The lawyer picks up the phone immediately and on the same day, April 1th, 2019, calls the "public prosecutor's office" and asks for Ms. Pohl. Your lawyer will receive the following information:

Proof: Ms. Pohl hasn't been there for a long time.

That is also a lie.

The actions and lame excuses of those involved are not only scandalous, but cannot be surpassed in terms of disgrace and incompetence.

Ms. Pohl verifiably signed the letter herself on March 29th, 2019.

6. Those involved don't want to give your lawyer any other information either. The lawyer asks what his client is actually accused of.

Proof: Answer of those accused: They would like to “not” comment on this.

At the same time, you are being defamed and harassed by the same people involved.

Yes, we are talking about a federal state in Germany.

7. Your lawyer from Hamburg records the processes in writing on the same day and asks again for information and clarification:

Proof: MV39

You also describe these processes to the Ministry of Justice. Attempts are being made to cover it up there too. They demonstrably (Stefan Wenzel, Thorsten Diedrichsen ao) discriminate and insult you racially too.


Your commissioned lawyer from Hamburg has repeatedly disclosed the highly criminal structures, partly in the highest levels, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) in the past. The accused from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) are therefore aware that with law and order they have no chance of continuing here either.

Consequently, the accused need a similar scammer and criminal from their own ranks.

8. Again, you will be harassed, bullied, and coerced daily. You want and must to defend yourself. However, your lawyer from Hamburg was demonstrably neither given information nor granted access to files for months.

9. Your lawyer writes to the "court" several times and states that he still does not even know what his client is accused of, without success.

10. Your commissioned lawyer from Hamburg is responsible for you, is committed, determined and highly motivated to defend you. Because you have demonstrably the right and the law on your side. He leaves no stone unturned. He gets neither access to files nor information (Now the 11th request). The lawyer from Hamburg you trust is put off for months and forced to resign. The conditions in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania continue to be like a monkey circus.

Proof: MV75

(MV75:The public prosecutor's office unlawfully refused to inspect the files. I am not a parcel deliverer for private items. Instead of files I get private things. The public prosecutor's office cannot be surpassed in terms of inefficiency. A letter from ... is also inadequate and defective. What the public prosecutor tries to tell with this remains its secret. The laywer refers to all laws and writes that every citizen has the right to be heard.)

Addition, the private items are your items that demonstrably stolen and illegally taken away by those involved.

11. Your own lawyer from Hamburg has not been given any information or access to the files for almost half a year. He is coerced and forced to leave. When he got out, whoosh Martin Meermann & Co from the "Local Court of Wismar" (Former GDR), if one can call it "court", write you that you have to take a "lawyer" from Wismar. Wismar and Jamel (Former GDR) are known not only nationally but also internationally as neo-fascist places. The fraudsters deliberately refuse your own lawyer from Hamburg and you are supposed to take a lawyer from the neo-fascist region of Jamel and Wismar.

Martin Meermann from the “local court” Wismar is the husband of Sigrun Meermann (“district court Schwerin”).

To be continued.