Is there a kind of East German clan crime in the authorities and the judiciary of MV II?

For years, attempts have been made to cover up the demonstrably disgusting and highly criminal actions and conditions of those involved from the own ranks, while you as a citizen are still being (even today!) harassed and bullied by the same people. 

At the forefront of the scandalous conditions is a Mrs. Birgit Hesse, who has now been confronted with facts and evidence. 

Proof (see below): MV79

(MV79: Some money, about 105 thousand euros, has disappeared in Former GDR)

While Mrs. Birgit Hesse & the clique are is looking for a hiding place, continue to avoid transparency and clarification (MV79), the following happens to you:

Proof: MV80

(MV80: You should transfer "43,883.76 €" to Ms. Brückner and Co from former GDR)

Can we say: You can only be that stupid in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR)?

The entire matter has been submitted to the Federal Public Prosecutor's office of Germany.

Those acused are also trying to thwart your claims for damages in the

six-figure range

against those involved in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Wismar near Jamel with the Nazi village) by all means.

What matters?

Fraud and a kind of clan crime in the authorities and the judiciary or the law?

In the case of the law, you as a citizen are safe and the winner.


The document (MV79) was presented to Ms. Brückner and Grube from the “Schwerin public prosecutor’s office” (Former GDR), where unimaginable conditions are the order of the day, and asked them to comment and clarify.

The clan remains silent until now.

To be continued.