Only criminal or racist too V?

Nazi walks are part of the weekend fun. This is how a journalist describes the situation in Wismar and Jamel (Fomer GDR).

Are these people there only on the streets or also firmly anchored in the structures there?

Imagine that a thief should decide for himself whether evidence of his proven crime should be used.

To describe a case:

There are documents and evidence of the criminal acts of the those inovlved.

You, as a citizen, are asking the "public prosecutor's office in Schwerin" to present the files accordingly. A Ms. Bartels is responsible.

She does not comply with the request.


She makes it dependent on the perpetrators themselves.

Proof (see below): MV57

The perpetrators themselves "surprisingly" did not want to present the evidence and documents.

Everything is again covered up and kept secret.

Can such "suitably" made actions be used?

We need an investigative authority, so to speak, that investigates the "investigative authority" in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Disclosures are prevented and consequences avoided.