Only criminal or racist too III?

A reporter reports:

The strategy of the neo-Nazis in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR),  among other things, is that they exert restraint towards the press or show themselves for example as a harmless family next door. Nazi walks are part of the weekend fun.

The question is:

Are these people only to be found on the streets in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR) or are they firmly enshrined in the local structures („authorities“, „judiciary“) ?


You prove the escapades and criminal acts of those involved and reports verifiably truthfully. Instead of getting to the bottom of the escapades of those involved in the own rangs and hold them acountable, arbitrary actions are initiated against you. How the processes were here, is unbelievable, but true (more on that later).

Your applications and appeals disappear in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR), while the same participants from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) continuously harass and coerce you. You are at the mercy of crime and the arbitrariness of those involved.

Yes, we live in Germany. The close surroundings get to see all this and can testify.

Finaly, you adresse the general public. Only through public scrutiny could those involved be stopped, re-convicted of criminal acts and lies. Only then the citizen receives a superficial letter from a person named Bartel ("judge") for the public eye, so to speak.  The content of this letter is also not correct from beginning to end (more on that later).

The letter is dated "20.08.2021".

Mrs Bartel writes:

'You are hereby given the opportunity to comment within 3 days of receipt of this letter'.

The letter will be officially processed and for the eyes of Mrs. Bartel, on record, on 23.08.2021 and sent on 24.08.2021.

Proof (see below): MV19

A court and a judge know that the 3-day fiction applies according to § 41 II St. 1 VwVfG. That means that post will be reached on the third day after delivery to the post office (August 27th, 2021). This means that you must have at least until August 30th, 2021 to comment.

On August 26th, 2021, Mrs. Bartel makes her „decision“.

Proof: MV20

Mrs Bartel and the management were confronted with this. This case was also covered up. 

Her "decision" is at first glance in "favor" of the you. But, what Mrs. Bartel & others have allowed themselves here in silence and behind closed doors and how further incitement and agitation are being tried, takes the bescuit.