Only criminal or racist too II?

Imagine that your wallet was stolen. You report the crime to the responsible bodies. They have to investigate and apprehend the offenders. It turns out that those who have to get to the bottom of the crime are pickpockets themselves. The crime and the perpetrators are covered up.

A Mrs. Barbara Bartels is the head of the public prosecutor in MV (Former GDR).

The peak of the crime and the height of the impudence of those involved:

You receive from a “public prosecutor” in Germany a “summon to detention”. You should either pay € 3000 immediately or go the prison.

Proof (see below): MV17

These statements and information of those responsible are demonstrably incorrect and lied. You’re at the mercy of the arbitrariness and highly criminal actions of those involved.

Some of the documents and evidence were consequently submitted to the federal prosecutor’s office (Public Consult the Attorney General’s Office) and the federal Ministry of Justice.

That’s not all.

The “talented“ person from the “public prosecutor’s office” is “searching” ("manhunt”). The police should seek you, arrest you and put you into jail. 

Proof: MV18

Where does this document can be assigned?

Foolish? Racism? Criminality? Combination of all?

Because there is demonstrably no legitimation, authorisation and legal basis for that.

Current applications, legal remedies and complaints from you are deliberately delayed. Access to further documents and evidence will also continue to be deliberately blocked and thwarted.

Has Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR) become a reservoir for criminals and racists?

What is the Federal Government doing about it?

What will the European Court of human rights will say about such grievances in Germany?