Court or headquarter of scammers II?

1. As a citizen, you can prove any fraud or manipulation to those responsible at the district court in Wismar. This also includes the fact that your urgent applications are hidden for weeks. At the same time, cash is disappeared from your household.

Proof (see below): MV3

Can the connection be proven?

2. The responsible director of the court is called Martin Meermann. He tries to cover up the escapades. For example, he is contacted in a specific case of fraud.

Proof: MV46

This is what Mr. Martin Meermann writes to you 

Proof: MV47

(MV47: He is „not“ able to "correspondence" outside of the process.)

Inside of the process, there is evidence of lying and cheating. "Outside" of the procedure, the director is not able to "correspondence".

So that's how the „company“ works.

3. What else happened here through Martin Meermann and his wife Sigrun Meermann should be something for a comedy story. You present Mr. Martin Meermann in Wismar with evidence and documents over several pages about the violation of law, fraud, lies, manipulation and much more.

What does he do? Against the accused judge, nothing.

What does the public prosecutor do? Against the judge, nothing. The publich prosecuto orders e. g. a wrong file and "finds nothing".

However, Director Meermann is initiating actions against you. The circus starts:

Martin Meermann instigates actions against you, because otherwise the accused judge (Engel) would have to be dismissed. The accused angel continues to enjoy a kind of fool's freedom, so to speak, he does what he wants and there are still demonstrably highly criminal conditions.

Martin Meermann talks to Jürgen Boll (“President” of the district court in Schwerin), who has since been removed from service.

You as a citizen know nothing.

With more than 136 incidents, offenses and more than 89 pages of fraud, manipulation and much more of those involved, neither Martin Meermann nor Jürgen Boll were able to act. Behind your back, the group of like-minded people are staging actions against you. Those involved are demonstrably not even responsible for you. There are no control persons or control bodies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR).

4. As a citizen, you apply for access to the documents immediately. The application and your subsequent inquiries will be delayed and intentionally not processed. Months pass. Actions will be taken against you, but you can not access to the documents. Such criminal conditions are now part of the daily business of those involved. The secrecy of those involved is now known. You, as a citizen, finally announce that you will come by to take a look.

The "public prosecutor" Godbersen is starting to get panic. Months later on 06/17/2016 he writes 

Proof: MV48

(MV48: You should not come, there are no files, he dose not know the number of the files …):

The files meanwhile show now that Mr. Godbersen was in possession of the said files, that number of files was well known to him and that Mr. Godbersen also demonstrably discredits and insults you behind your back.

5. At the same time, lies are told at the local court. The judge at the court of Wismar writes on 26 October 2016:

Proof (Original text): "No request for access to the file" from you "had reached the file".

6. What else you put forward for the purpose of your defense is of no interest to those involved. Consequently, an application for rejection submitted on November 17, 2016. The court is repeatedly pointed out, in vain. It continues to lie uncontrollably. This is what Mr. Bauer writes from the court in Wismar:

Proof: MV49

(MV49: There is no application).

And this is the reality:

Proof: MV50

7. You immediately turn to the court again and complains, in vain. For almost half a year nothing happened at the local court in Wismar around Martin Meermann and others.

At some point you will receive a letter, now all of a sudden from the “district court” in Schwerin.

You will then receive further letters from the "District Court" of Schwerin, which are also wrong at the beginning and at the end. The processes seem dubious again. You, as a citizen, research for.

Who are the ominous letters from? By a person named Sigrun Meermann. Who is Sigrun Meermann? The wife of Martin Meermann. This fact was skilfully concealed from you for months.

Sigrun Meermann is conducting proceedings that were initiated by her own husband, Martin Meermann, and her own husband is appearing as a "witness".

Proof: MV51

A) The adventurous actions of the accused judge (Engel) are covered up by Martin Meermann.

B) "Proceedings" against you are instigated by Martin Meermann.

C) Martin Meermann is listed and invited everywhere as a “witness”.

D) His wife is the competent judge.

Proof: MV52

Welcome to the circus.

That is not all:

8. The husband appears on almost every page of the file. Mrs. Sigrun Meermann has now been working for months and regularly and exclusively pulls out the letters signed by her own husband. As a citizen, you expose the matter and you hold the couple responsible.

Mrs. Sigrun Meermann then demonstrably writes retrospectively, after she has also been active in the matter for months, retrospectively:

Proof (original text): She had not seen that the proceedings had been initiated by her husband.

In fact, you can't resist laughing here.