Please judge it for youerself VI

Imagine, a crate of rotten tomatoes is presented to market visitors. Visitors complain about the rotten tomato crate. Those responsible do not check the tomato crate, but an apple crate and do not find any rotten tomatoes there.

The public prosecutor's office in Schwerin is presented with evidence of the crimes committed by the parties involved, with a precise description of the respective file number.

For months, prosecutors delayed the urgent matter.

What happens then and how do they arrange themselves now?

The public prosecutor orders files.

Proof (see below): MV40

About six months later, the local court (A Mr. Engel) presents the public prosecutor with only one false file.  The public prosecutor's office "searches" for "evidence of legal violations" and criminal offences in the wrong file. He finds "no" clues.

This means that the public prosecutor's office simply grabs a false file and "searches" in it flimsy for crimes.

Files are also withheld from the public prosecuter. The actually mentioned and underlying files with proofs, documents and facts that are demonstrably important are expressly withheld.

You repeatedly point out to the public prosecutor's office that the accused is withholding the files relevant to the decision, without success

More than one year later, the public prosecutor's office (Mr. Finke) from Rostock demonstrably does not only try to cover up the incidents, but writes succinctly that the accused had "not withheld any files". The public prosecutor would have ordered one file (it schould be noted the wrong file).

The fact is and remains that the files relevant to the decision are deliberately withheld.

Proof: MV41

Six months later, the accused himself writes in his own hand afterwards that he had not sent the files because they had not been requested.

Proof (Original text): Because only the file number of the present proceedings was given in the file request, the other files are not attached.

So, this is how it works. 

You, as a citizen, are currently being harassed, bullied and coerced by the same people.

Your counterpart is demonstrably a criminal and tries to cover up his illegal and criminal activities under the guise of the "state".

As a citizen, how can you stop such abuse and fight crime?