Please judge it for youerself V

As already mentioned, everything that can be wrong, manipulative and illegal can be proven to those responsble. But "costs", which did not even exist, are "enforced" and "seized" on you (approx. €45,000.00, forty-five thousand euros). There is a kind of fool's licence for those involved. Any complaints and requests for remedy, even at the highest levels, fall on deaf ears.

Finlay, you are asking for a listing.

The responsible supervisory authority for the " state central cash office " ("State Office for Finance") is the Ministry of Finance. Since the state central cash office does not comply with your request (21 requests), you ask the supervisory authority for help, in vain. The list of lame excuses given by those involved is long.

It is also the case that those who have to get to the bottom of the abuses are themselves in deep trouble as perpetrators. Consequently, everyone tries to save himself first. An example:

Proof (see below): MV29

(MV29: The ministry just "forwards" the matter.The responsible department would contact you.)

At the Ministry of Finance of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, are a Ms. Silke Kamrath-Rügen, one Ms. Monique Brack and one Mr. Bernd Graap responsible. The conditions there are also an impertinence. Those involved must now play with open cards. Not a bit of it.

1. Those involved do not want to comply with the requested information. Why?

You would not be entitled to this.

This is nonsense. Of course you are entitled to this information. Those involved are convicted of lying again. They must now play with open cards. Not a bit of it.

2: Ms. Silke Kamrath-Rügen writes to you that there are “no” documents for the “seizure” etc. made by the parties themselves.

In Germany you can probably only hear something like that in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Those involved are once again convicted of lies. What's happening now? It gets even more embarrassing.

For months it is made to believe that there is "not" a list of the "seizures" etc. made by the parties themselves. When this lie is also revealed, they say:

3. The list could not have been sent to you. Everything else on the part of the same involved reaches you incessantly and you are constantly torpedoed by the same involved. An example from 18.05.2021

Proof: MV30

Only the list cannot be sent to you?

4. Responsible at the administrative court in Schwerin is a Mr. Grotelüschen.

Your submissions continue to be skilfully disregarded. Documents, including the administrative processes of the authority, are skilfully withheld from you and access is thwarted. If the ministry has nothing to hide, why do they make lazy excuses. Processes are done in such a way that the desired results are achieved for the respective authorities. This is embrassing and resembles a kind of evidence of incapacity by those responsible in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Mr. Grotelüschen "doesn't" come up with it on his own, so if that were the case, it would be so easy to present the list to or via the court now at the latest.

Because the statements made by those involved are demonstrably a lie too.

You, as a citizen, go one step further and repeatedly point out to Mr. Grotelüschen the untruthful statements made by those involved and draw his attention to the fact that if this was the case, those involved could now submit the list, but in vain. 

This is how the processes work in Germany.

The listing has not been submitted to date.