Neo-fascists and criminals under the guise of the State II?

And when will the State intervene?

Under an affirmation in lieu of oath before the court in Hamburg is said that one would go on vacation “to southern Germany” for two weeks.

But the pre-agreed destination is Wismar (near Jamel with the international famous Nazi village).

The court in Hamburg knows nothing about it.

Behind this is a group of high criminals, neo-fascists and anti-social people from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR). The action was also demonstrably planned well months in advance.

As beforementioned, an example from everyday life:

Imagine your wallet is stolen. You try to report the crime to the relevant authorities so that it can be investigated and the perpetrators caught. It turns out that the people who have to get to the bottom of the crime are the biggest pickpockets themselves.

The crime and the perpetrator are covered.

Welcome to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR).

Who would want to get involved with such a criminal group?

Almost 28,000 euros also “disappeared” before this court. Further details can be found at Urteilen Sie bitte selbst I to VII.

You as citizens use facts and evidence to convict these criminals and partly neo-fascist troops.

With your commitment and courage, you as a citizen serve the general public and the rule of law.

But you are a thorn in those accused's side and an unpleasant opponent.

The “judge” who works at the Wismar local "court", if one can even speak of a “court,” sat himself previously in prison.

Yes, and he works there as a “judge”.

And why doesn't the press even ask about it?

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

"Friendship services" between those accused and criminal groups also take place behind your back.

Who is actually a Mr. Jörn Weitzmann (Arnold-Heise-Str. 9, 20249 Hamburg) with connection to Rostock (Former GDR) and what happened to the criminal proceedings against Mr. Jörn Weitzmann?

Here is the climax of highly criminal trials and the climax of audacity and impudence (See below Proof MV84).

One of those accused, a Mr. Burger, is responsible.

Apparently those involved haven't fully understood capitalization, etc. yet (various content and text mistakes). We are talking about a “court” in Germany.

Proof (see below): MV84

(MV84: You have to go to the prison. You kann explain your reasons (without “in") in "a personal conversation”. So if you don't come, they say, you have "no reasons" und have to go to prison. 

It is not only absolutely stupid and demonstrably highly criminal on the part of those accused, but one also can't stop his laughing.

What do the defendants want to "achieve"?

One "can't" even guess it.

In the deepest east of Germany (Former GDR), the root of evil, there is a place called


A Ms. Walddraff and a Mr. Rhinow

(Lützow-Lübstorf office, Dorfmitte 24, 19209 Lützow)

are responsible.

After the Hamburg court was deceived by saying that one was going to "southern Germany" for a "vacation", while the agreed destination with the own people from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was Wismar (near Jamel with the Nazi village), the minors will be hidden by the above-mentioned group of high criminals, neo-fascists and anti-socials hidden in Wismar (Former GDR).

Yes, that is happening in Germany and a kind of East-German clan crime is taking its course, even within the authorities and, for example, at the highest level.

1. For your defense, you ask those involved to provide you with the above-mentioned “application” from the “public prosecutor’s office” in Schwerin as well as the above-mentioned documents and information (MV84).

You don't get that.

2. You provide evidence that the sole right of residence determination and the sole custody court was forged in a highly criminal manner.

It quickly becomes clear that those who have to get to the bottom of crime are criminals themselves.

3. A doctor from Wismar (Former GDR),

Ms. Annette Hattendorf Beitz,

Stockholmer Str. 6,23966 Wismar,

is a girlfriend of the father of the employee of the responsible youth welfare office.

This lady, Annette Hattendorf-Beitz, is obviously capable of any mischief and issues glowing letters.


You confront the said "judge" who was previously in prison for crimes (yes, he is a criminal, was in prison and is now acting in the aforementioned "court", if you can even call it a "court", as a “Judge”) with the following facts and documents (MV79).

Link to the proof MV79:

Proof:  MV79 (Is there a kind of clan crime in the authorities and the judiciary of MV II?)

To be continued.