Court or headquarter of scammers I?

Imagine your counterpart is a criminal and tries to cover up his illegal and criminal activities under the guise of the "state". Those accused stagger from one lie to the next. Apparently, any mischief is right for them to cover up their own missdeeds.

As a citizen, how can you stop such abuses and take action against such crimes?

To give a concrete example:

You are demonstrably attacked by using false pretences and suppression of true facts. You defend yourself. But those involved do what they want. There are neither control persons nor control institutions. Law and order don't matter for those accused.

A “decision” is issued. You defend yourself and appeal demonstrably a complaint against it. Responsible here are a Mr. Bauer and the couple Meermann.

Those involved have acted demonstrably illegally and are once again convicted of their delinquent actions. Everything has now to be reversed and stopped. They have to admit it too.

What's happening now? It is deceived and shamelessly lied to.

Proof (see below): MV43

(MV43: Those accused write: No appeal against the decision was filed).

This is demosntrably a lie.

Those primarily responsible and the responsible ministry are watching idly.