What if criminals or racists were in charge III?

Described chronologically, judge it for yourself:

Anything that can be illegal, manipulative or fraudulent can be porved to those involved from school, the school board and the Ministry of Education.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR), those involved do not have to fear any political or criminal consequences, because no one asks there.

Already in 2013, you turn to the Ministry of Education. For three years, nothing happened at the Ministry of Education, apart from attempts at cover-up and manipulation.

For four years you have been trying in vain to get clarification and information.

A Mr. Sven Nickels and a Mr. Joachim Kronisch AO are responsible at the administrative court. You also prove that those involved pervert the course of justice, cheat and lie.

Nobody cares.

The criminal proceedings against Sven Nickels disappeared into thin air.

Proof (see below): MV69

The statement of claim will be served on the Ministry of Education on Mai 17th, 2016.

Proof: MV71

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR), a group of asocials, criminals and racists have gathered around their children.

You as a parent have NOT been consulted or involved in ANY matter since 2012.

For four years (2012-2016) the "Ministry of Education" around Birgitt Hesse tried to cover up the illegal and criminal processes. In order to avoid responsibilities, connections and mutual favors between those involved become noticeable again.

A Mr. Sven Nickels and Mr. Joachim Kronisch are at the forefront of the hideous actions at the "Schwerin Administrative Court".

It's disgusting to think that you're supposed to be dealing with "judges".

As the custodial parent, you are now in the fourth year running after. You will not receive any information, explanation or access to the documents.

It is also about violence against minors in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR).

As a parent with custody, you now expect full clarification of the illegal and criminal processes and information. From the very beginning, those involved in the “Schwerin Administrative Court” try to thwart the court proceedings against the "Ministry of Education" involving Birgitt Hesse & Co. with outrageous actions and tricks.

That includes that

1. nobody cares about it,

2. submitted documents "disappear",

3. Sven Nickels and Co. pretend to be stupid....

The list is long. We are talking about an “administrative court” here.

The judicial accountability and judicial clarifications are associated with consequences for those responsible from the so-called "School Authority Schwerin" around Kai Breithaupt & also for the "Ministry of Education" around Birgitt Hesse (today's "President of the State Parliament" of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).

So there is no way out for Mrs. Birgit Hesse and a group of frauders. She has to explain and give you and to the court answers.

Nothing happens again.

You contact Joachim Kronisch ("Head" of the "Court of Justice"), in vain. You are asking the Ministry of Justice for help, in vain.

As a citizen, you have now received files in which Kai Breithaupt from the "School Authority in Schwerin" incites, discriminates against you and insults you in a racist manner. Nobody cares about that too in Former GDR.


In fact, the state is obliged under international law to respect, protect and guarantee human rights.

And how about those involved from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania (Former GDR)? Forget it. 

Not only that, they even try to thwart your efforts for law and order.

Influencing public administration and the judiciary is one of the core areas of organized crime.

It should be noted that you have custody of your children and that the accused around Birgitt Hesse & Co (“Ministry of Culture") immediately comply with your application to the administrative court and that the demonstrably adventurous and criminal processes must be fully clarified.

You are entitled to it and the parties involved are obliged to do so.

Mrs. Birgitt Hesse (today's "President of the State Parliament" of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) is hanging on by a thread. In Ms. Birgitt Hesse's case it is also about child abuse and much more.

What's happening now?

There are no limits to the criminal fantasies of those involved from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR).

Mr. Sven Nickels from the "Administrative Court" writes to you that he wants to wait another two or three years and really wants to know what you think of it?


You now have custody. Those involved accused must be held accountable and are therefore obliged to comply with your request. Those accused do not have to comply with your request and do not have to fear any consequences, if you do not have custody. But you have the custody now.

It's no joke, Mr Sven Nickels from the "Schwerin Administrative Court" writes you in this form.

Then Sven Nickels is disappeared.

From the documents that you have received in the meantime, it is clear that Sven Nickels is in consultation with those accused around Martin Meermann from the "Local Court of Wismar", if you can call it a "court" and tries to arrange.

To be continued.