What if criminals or racists were in charge IV?

Current data from May 2022 shows that the number of State officials associated with neo-Nazis is highest in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR).

A reporter also reports: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is a center for brown settlers. She adds that nowhere else do so many neo-Nazis settle as in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

What if criminals or racists were in charge?

Thousands of confidential documents from strangers with sensitive and personal data, surname, first name, date of birth, home address, diagnoses, examinations and much more were demonstrably arbitrarily and unlawfully taken away and ended up in the hands of strangers AND unauthorized persons.

Responsible are, among others, a Ms. Pohl from the "public prosecutor's office" Schwerin and the couple Meermann:

1. Sigrun Meermann from the “district court”

and her husband

2. Martin Meermann from the "local court" Wismar (Former GDR) .

Since those accused are only trying to cover up the incidents, the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection was contacted in 2021.

Proof (see below): MV74

A Mr. Raum is the next responsible supervisor at the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection.

With the charade and the demonstrably highly criminal processes of those accused, those responsible at the federal level seem to get cold feet. 

The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection is trying to avoid responsibility the escapades of those accused and to give them a wide berth. However, he suppresses the fact that this is not the solution in a true constitutional state.

You get legal advice that the documents that submitted to the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, should immediately be submitted to parliamentary control which has the supervision. You do this immediately.

A Mr. Ulrich Wolfgang Kelber is the main responsible supervisor of the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection. You submit documents to the parliamentary control that the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection is not fulfilling his official duties and you also point to his misconduct. You enclose more documents.

Proof: MV76

Time is passing again and nothing is heard from Parliament. A Ms. Julia Mählich is the responsible person in the parliament of Germany.

It gets even more embarrassing. Ms. Julia Mähnlich continues to make lame excuses by saying that the document you attached is barely "readable". In order to invalidate this lame excuse too, you send it (MV76) again clearly and legibly to Ms. Julia Mähnlich.

One of the biggest data protection scandals in Germany, which those involved are trying to cover up, is now being presentedto the Federal Association of Consumer Advice Centers.


Ms. Julia Mählich from the German Parliament is disappeared.

How credible is Germany with its “rule of law“?

How important are your fundamental rights and the big scandal about thousands of people and their  confidential documents.

To be continued.