Making deception & manipulation social acceptable VI

The parties involved fake a sole residence determination right and sole custody. One of the accused at the "School Authority" in Schwerin is called Kai Breithaupt.

1. Mr. Kai Breithaupt is shamelessly telling you the untruth.

Proof (see below): MV15

His statements are demonstrably a lie. You contact him immediately and also ask him to present his supposed "decissions".

Mr. Kai Breithaupt is disapeared.

Apart from the fact that he is only trying to cover up the processes, the documents meanwhile show that Kai Breithaupt has demonstrably degraded, discriminated against you and racially insulted you.

2. You turn to the minister's office and ask it to present Kai Breithaupt's supposed "resolutions".

Those involved could not and cannot do it to this day.


Because they don't exist. It was lied to.

There is silence in the minister's office.

3. The parties involved also lie in the court.

All corrections and evidence submitted by you as a citizen will be neglected.

All corrections and proofs that you have submitted as a citizen will be deliberately neglected. There's just no getting through. Mrs. Wendt (formerly Hahn) is responsible for  the court. As a last resort, after legal advice, submit a motion for evidence that the parties should please swear their testimony (affidavit).

Ms. Wendt (formerly Hahn) also delayed this application and avoided it with a kind of mystification.


Because those involved now have to tell the truth, otherwise they can expect a fine and imprisonment of up to five years.

Ms. Wendt writes on January 7th, 2021: This would not be necessary now. She will do it during the oral hearing.

Proof: MV44

Addendum: Ms. Wendt also withheld the application (affidavit) during the alleged "oral hearing".

4. The sending of documents is also prevented . Ms. Wendt writes on January 7th, 2021:

Proof (Original text): "The clerk alone decides on an application for the issuance of copies.”

Two years have now passed. To date you have not received the documents. The employee can seem to have infinite time.

5. At the "Ministry of Education" a Person called Katja Steinfeldt is responsible for covering up.

Ms. Katja Steinfeld does not only have a backpedal, but is also trying to circumvent the core issue (school authority and ministry of education). Kai Breithaupt's letter dated January 22, 2013 (MV15) was sent to Ms. Katja Steinfeldt. It is also explicitly pointed out that this is about school authority, ministry of education and this letter from Kai Breithaupt. Ms. K. Steinfeldt talks about a letter dated September 1, 2020, which is also unknown to anyone. Ms. K. Steinfeld continues to try beat about the bush. Finally, due to public pressure, it was at least rudimentary successful that Katja Steinfeld hesitantly admitted the lies of those involved.

Proof: MV45

The "resolutions" claimed by Kai Breithaupt simply do not exist. They were not and are not available to anyone.

It was lied to.