Dirty, dirtier & dirtiest II

Everything that can be false, manipulative and illegal can be proven to those responsible. There are also various violations of law and fraud in the district of Northwestmecklenburg (Former GDR). Those involved in the district are demonstrably delinquent.

Otherwise, the participants act as if they know each other and agreements are made. It has been proven that those involved lie und cover up. There is no getting through for you.

But you do not even suspect what in reality happened and is happening.

You reprimand and admonish the processes. You express your concern that something might be wrong with those involved and that the icidents and statements by the youth authority are demonstrably just as suspicious and scandalous.

The participants themselves know exactly that you are right, but remain silent the entire time.

Everyone else probably thinks such impudence and yes, a kind of stupidity, of those involved are impossible.

Your complaints go unheeded.

That will come out later. Your counterpart has gotten arranged a job at the competent youth authority.

Proof (see below): MV58

However, this fact is kept secret from you and during the decisive processes.

The other acts of those involved are not only demonstrably criminal, but also ready for the circus.