Dirty, dirtier & dirtiest I

Outside of MV (Former GDR), lies and deception lead to the resignation of those responsible. 

A current example is the resignation of the Federal Minister for Family Affairs.

But if a person who has demonstrably lied and cheated becomes the "president of a federal state" and there are still no consequences, what should one think of the respective federal state?

Concrete example:

The underage children are planned well in advance and without the knowledge of the other parent are brutally torn from their home, brought illegally to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) and hidden there. You don't know where your children are for two months. The children are also denied any rights.

In order to cover up the highly criminal processes, the parties involved arrange for a job at the responsible youth authority. This is also skilfully kept secret from you.

Those involved lie and cheat at will. For those involved, things are running like clockwork. There is no getting through for you.

Ms. Birgit Hesse (former responsible district administrator) will be held accountable.

What does Mrs. B. Hesse do then?

She cheats the responsible ministry. She is convicted of lying.

Proof (see below): MV26-27

Uncomfortable questions are bypassed. An answer is missing. Mrs. B. Hesse will be contacted again. 

Proof: MV42

There is silence.


Because she has demonstrably lied.

Citizens would want to elect serious & credible politicians.