Dirty, dirtier & dirtiest III

A person called Marlies Rambo is the responsible person for the authority. You contact her, confront her with precise facts and documents and ask for clarification, in vain.

A Mr. Mark Klinkenberg is the responsible supervisor.

As Ms. Marlies Rambo continues to waste time, you contact Mr. Mark Klinkenberg.

You will then receive the following embarassing letter from the "clueless" Ms. Marlies Rambo.

Proof (see below): MV65

(MV65: Ms. Rabmo writes: After examination in the youth affairs department, no assignment can be made.)

The actions of those accused from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) are unimaginable for an outsider, but unfortunately true and simply unprecedented.

You ask those accused briefly and concisely:

Proof: MV70

(MV70: You ask those accused: "Dear Ms. Rambo, do you seriously mean that?")

An answer from Ms. Marlies Rambo and Mr. Mark Klinkenberg is still missing.

Extremely embarrassing for those involved and Following the slogan: "How do we prevent exposure?"

Those involved demonstrably lie and cheat for years.

Control persons & control instances? Dead loss.

Has Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania (Former GDR) become a kind of a gathering point for criminals and fraudsters?

Half a year has passed. You contact Ms. Marlies Rambo & Mr. Mark Klinkenberg again. 

Proof: MV73

(MV73: Dear Ms. Rambo, in roder to refresh your memory again. The name of the person and the employee in your house is .... Half a year has passed now and you still haven't taken care of it. Ms. Rambo is requested to act immediately.)

While  you are constantly harassed and forced as a citizen by the same involved, Ms. Marlies Rambo and Mr. Mark Kellenberg suddenly "disappeared" and can no longer be found.

Is there a kind of ethnically isolated subculture of those involved in the "authorities" and the "judiciary" in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR)?

Months later, on September 28th, 2022, you will receive written confirmation that your request has been forwarded to the responsible employee for processing. A Mr. Rico Badenschier, Packhof 2-6, 19053 Schwerin, is responsible supervisor for the duo M. Rambo and M. Klinkenberg.

Mr. Rico Badenschier will be contacted.

Now a person called Juliane Rickert should be responsible for.

Another four months have passed and nothing has happened.

What happened to the criminal proceedings against Mark Klinkenberg?

While you continue to be harassed, coerced and blackmailed by the same people almost daily, you still have not received a response.

Another disclosure document:

Proof: MV58

How long will those accused be silent about this document (MV58) too?

As already mentioned, months later, on September 28th, 2022, you will receive a letter that your concern has been forwarded to the responsible employee?

It is now August 31st, 2023!

And the responsible employee?

She/he seems to have been swallowed up by the earth and to this day there is no answer.


A group of antisocial, criminals and racists has gathered around your children in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR).

While you continue to be harassed, bullied, coerced and blackmailed by the same people involved, to date, almost two years, they have not addressed the issue and you have still received no response.

Ms. Marlies Rambo, Mr. Mark Klinkenberg & Co from the “Youth Affairs Department” from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) also give the impression as if they were working in a private canteen or kiosk.

Marlies Rambo and Mark Klinkenberg from the “Youth Affairs Department” have now also been given the room number and telephone number of the person working in the “Youth Affairs Department” and wanted.

If the defendants have nothing to hide, why don't they put their cards on the table?

To be continued.