Making deception & manipulation social acceptable V

Those involved in a state government stagger from one lie to the next.

Is there anyone who has at least enough decency to refuse to continue participating in those frauds and manipulations?

What is it like when your own employees reveal the lies?

You contact the responsible district.

Proof (see below): MV26

Without success.

You contact the former police officer &  district administrator Mrs. Birgitt Hesse directly. She also continues to avoid uncomfortable question

Proof: MV27

She will be sued in court.

The court proceedings against Ms. Birgit Hesse, today's "President of the State Parliament", have been deliberately delayed for over one year.

Proof: MV28

In the meantime, demonstrably illegal actions will be instigated, incited and accelerated against you

Influencing politics, the judiciary and public administration is part of organized crime.

Such criminality degenerates in such a way that the principles of the rule of law cannot be applied.

Legal vacuums are created.