An out-of-control federal state I?

This applies in Germany:

1. Coercion by a public official is a punishable offence. If he compels another person to act, tolerate or refrain from doing something by using force or by threatening a serious evil, he will be punished. The attempt is punishable. Anyone who commits such an act as a public official using his position will be punished with imprisonment for a period of at least six months and up to five years.

2. A public official who, in conducting or deciding a case, is guilty of perverting the law in favor of or against a party shall be punished with imprisonment from one year to five years

This is the order of the day in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR):

As a citizen, you are cored, bullied, and harrassed.

The culprits include: a Joachim Kronisch and a Sven Nickels (“Schwerin Administrative Court”), a Ms. Pohl (“Schwerin Public Prosecutor’s Office”) and a Mr. Guschke from Rostock.

Simply nauseating.

The actions of those involved are demonstrably illegal. They demonstrably lack any legal basis, legitimacy and admissibility. The law in Germany gives you, as a citizen, the right to defend yourself against it. After legal advice, you defend yourself.

That means you will win the case.

While the Hamburg police are sent to your door from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) day-to-day, your urgent application has been arbitrarily delayed and those accused leave it unprocessed since March 2022.

You are advised to contact the Ministry of Justice directly.

Proof (see below): MV77

Plain text: You will be attacked. You defended yourself. Your defense will not be processed and arbitrary delayed while you are being bullied and harassed at the same time.

Is that Germany?

In Germany, the prohibition of arbitrariness applies. The ban of arbitrariness is the prohibition that applies to all state power to treat someone according to a subjective principle of favour (“as one pleases”).

While you continue to be harassed, bullied, and coerced, your defense will arbitrary delayed.


The ban on arbitrariness and the rule of law are firmly anchored in the Basic Law.

Your defense will be further delayed while you continue to be harassed and bullied.

Do we live in country of human rights or in a country of arbitrariness?

To be continued.