Let's continue to test Hamburg's credibility III

According to a newspaper report, crime in Hamburg has fallen. However, it appears that a kind of criminality of its own has developed in the state institutions.

But is it possible that the public hardly finds out about it?


It can be proven that there is lying and cheating to your detriment. A Ms. Lisa Rösler is also responsible. You want clarification and for the accused to be held accountable.

In October 2021 you will contact those responsible and ask specifically:

Proof: Inspection of documents and files, including inquiries and responses from third parties and the district office about you and your data.

First, your request is delayed for months.

Months later, you recieve post  from Ms. Lisa Rösler. The content of her post is a copy of your own emails and an internal court file from the district office from 2017.

The head of the district office is called Thomas Ritzenhoff. You explain him the situation, show him Ms. Lisa Rösler's mail and ask for a remedy, but without success. Months go by again.

You will not be given the requested information to which you are legally entitled.

The authority for SRG and districts, Gänsemarkt 36 in 20354 Hamburg is responsible for the supervision. A letter from Mr. Thomas Ritzenhoff will be withheld from you and will only be sent to you after repeated requests. At the authority for SRG and districts, a person, Susanne Haase, is now supposed to take care of the escapades. However, Ms. Susanne Haase only takes care of the fact that she simply copy from the content of Thomas Ritzenhoff's letter and sends it to you. She also seems to be completely overwhelmed with the matter.

You will then receive the following letter from a person called Gerke Schlingmann from the above-mentioned authority for RSG and districts. 

Proof (see below): HH45

The content of this letter is also demonstrably untrue and fraudulent.

The matter has now been submitted to the responsible senator, but in vain.