It stinks to high heaven

A pupil "disappears" from school. Neither the school nor the school authority, even years later, want to know where the pupil has gone.

Anything that can go wrong, illegal and in some cases even criminally can be proven to those responsible.

1. You are entitled to all rights. You demand clarification, information and consequences for the accused. You contact the school immediately and directly. For months, the school tried to cover up the incidents. 

At least now they have to admit all escapades and criminal acts.

What is happening now and how are the accused now trying to evade responsibility?

Those accused from the school write to you succinctly nonsense and information is shamelessly blocked. Then ping pong is played.

Then those accuesed from school write you, the school authority is said to be responsible.

Proof (see below): HH48

At the school authority is now, among others, a Mr.  Wittig, so to speak, responsible for covering up and concealing the escapades of those involved from the own ranks.

Mr. Wittig seems to be able to allow himself any mischief without being controlled or fearing the consequences.

In Hamburg we call it nepotism.

However, the school refers you to the school authority.

2. This is the answer from Mr. Wittig & team from the school authority:

The gentlemen "know", meanwhile in the 4th year, practically of "nothing". This the testimony of the school authority before the court:

Proof (original text): "According to the contents of the file, there is no information on this".

3. Files and other documents will be withheld from you. As already explained, these are verifiably available to the school authority and are also the subject of the procedure.

Proof: HH6

(HH6: The school authority requests the school to send all the files to the school authority.)

4. This is what Mr. Wittig from the school authority says at the court:

Proof: HH7

(HH7: Mr. Wittig from the school authority writes to the court: There are no files and documents).

Since the school authority apparently has no control persons or control bodies for Mr. Wittig & Co, Mr. Wittig is asked to confirm his statements and his fairy tales under oath in court.

Since then, there has been no sign of life from Mr Wittig.

Why are those involved dependent on such actions?

Because it stinks to high heaven.