Let's continue to test Hamburg's credibility II

It can be proven that there is lying and cheating to your detriment. You want clarification and for the accused to be held accountable. The head of the district office is called Thomas Ritzenhoff.

He rather gives the impression of trying to cover up the processes and incidents than to clarify them. On October 30th, 2021 you contact those responsible and ask for information. Nothing happens. The background is also that those involved have demonstrably behaved incorrectly and illegally. The effort for your request is demonstrably minimal and daily routine for those involved. The authority is also obliged by law to comply with your request within one month at the latest.

Since you are being harassed by the same people involved and your request is being delayed, you contact the responsible senate. You will then receive the following letter from Lisa S. Rösler from the district office on November 17, 2021:

She writes that she allegedly "only" received your request of October 30, 2021 on November 15, 2021. She wants to postpone your request for another two months.

Proof (see below): HH43

But the harassment against you continues. You contact those involved again and ask for the urgent matter to be dealt with quickly.

Mrs. Lisa S. Rösler's answer: She would need "another two months".

Mr. Thomas Ritzenhoff writes to you. He would now have to "evaluate" the information to which you are entitled by law. By law, you are entitled to complete information.

At some point later, letter from Mrs. Lisa S. Rösler will drop into your letterbox. The content of this is a copy of your own emails and an internal court file from the district office from 2017.

Mr. Ritzenhoff is confronted with the escapades and violations. He keeps trying to avoid them. There are evidence that those involved report untruthfully. 2.5 months have now passed. You contact the responsible senate and inform it that you have not been given the information. You also submit to the Senate the completely irrelevant pieces of paper that have been sent to you. 3 months later you still haven't received the information.

It can also be proven that those involved knowingly and intentionally continue to report untruthfully. You then demand personal inspection of the files.

In February 2022 you will receive a letter from Ms. Manhart from the district office:

Proof (original text): Your request for access to the files cannot be granted for purely "actual" reasons beyond what has already been granted.

In short:

1. It can be proven that those involved behaved incorrectly and acted illegally.

2. Your letter of October 30, 2021 will allegedly be presented to Mrs. Lisa S. Rösler on November 15, 2021. The matter is then delayed.

3. Months pass.

4. You will not be given the requested information to which you are legally entitled.

5. Then there is blocking and silence.

6. File inspection is thwarted and prevented.

Competence and credibility look different.