Let's continue to test Hamburg's credibility I

You are being attacked arbitrarily and demonstrably under false pretenses. You defend yourself. 

It can be proven that the Central Register of Residents of Hamburg deliberately and intentionally lies and cheats to your detriment.

You have a legal right for information (Federal Citizens' Registration and others).

You demand clarification, information and consequences for the accused.

A Mr. Michael Bahr and a Mr. Tim Effe are responsible.

1. Information and transparency are prevented and blocked.

Those accused submit demonstrably incomplete documents to the court. You ask for the complete submission.

2. It is simply communicated that those accused do not do this.

Those involved demonstrably have their own administrative procedures. You ask for the submission of the administrative processes.

3. It is said that they do not do it either.

You name exact witnesses for your statements.

4. You are informed that the witnesses will not be heard and will not be summoned.

Since the parties involved continue to tell the untruth demonstrably, you submit the application for affidavit (evidence) of those ivolved.

5. Here, too, one presents oneself as stupid, so to speak. Attempts are made to bypass this too and to thwart your rights. Those involved try to cover up their own escapades and violations.

Proof (see below): HH44

(HH44: They write that they do not want to do it, „unfounded“).

Why do those involved avoid that?

Anyone who gives such insurance incorrectly will be punished with a prison sentence of up to three years.

Are courts actually allowed to help the authorities, so to speak, if they cannot cover it up on their own? Is this about seeking truth and justice, or about covering up and avoiding justice?

6. The Central Register of Residents of Hamburg is informed about your vigil in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin during your vigil.

What are the connections here?