Rule of law or the law of the strongers II?

You will be harassed and discriminated against by simulating false and fictitious circumstances. You defend yourself. You have demonstrably the right and the law on your side. It has also been proven that lying and cheating continue by those involved at the court.

They also like to try to intimidate you.

1. The Hamburg Authority for Justice is responsible for the supervision of the judicial cash register. Your data will be exchanged illegally, queried, forwarded without authorization and much more. A Ms Birgitt Fastenow is responsible. You will also be violated in your elementary basic rights. Mr. Jens Hardenkopf is the head of the judicial cash register.

Mr. Hardenkopf will be contacted.

You demand transparency, clarification and information, without success.

Those involved write directly to you that they “do not” know who you are.

This is what is being written to you and this what is being done at the same time by the same people behind your back.

Proof (see below): HH26

(HH26: An application has been made for your „arrest“)

The said "demands" are demonstrably fundamentally wrong, inadmissible and untrue.

2. Due to the inappropriate duration (in this case almost 5 years) you as a party of the proceedings are to be compensated appropriately by law. As previously mentioned, in 2018 the parties involved have to answer for their demonstrably unlawful and arbitrary actions in a matter. However, the process is delayed. All your efforts and reminders are of no use. Nothing happens in 2018. Nothing happens in 2019. Nothing will happen in 2020

Proof: HH15

By the end of 2021 they want to become "active" and we now have 2022.

The claims for damages to which you are entitled are skilfully concealed and attempts are actually made to thwart them.