Rule of law or the law of ther strongers I?

Germany apparently has problems admitting grievances in its own ranks and getting to the bottom of them.

1. To give one example from 2018:

You are verifiably bullied and harassed with false and fictitious facts. You contact the responsible supervisory. A Ms. Dagmar Fischer from the "Disciplinary Department of the Hamburg Police" contacts you. You are receiving incorrect and incomplete information. You ask for an answer, but in vain. Clarifications and transparency are prevented and the processes obscured.

You and the outside world are also shown that those involved in the police and the public prosecutor do not know anything from each other. The documents prove otherwise. Ms. Dagmar Fischer from the police writes to a Ms. Mareike Schmidt from the Hamburg public prosecutor's office (She writes: She won’t give more - the asked - information).

Proof (see below): HH16

Then they block clarification and information. Why?

Because all actions of those involved are demonstrably fundamentally wrong, inadmissible and illegal. Rule of law or the law of the strongers?

2. If you were granted your rights, this would lead to criminal sanctions as well as to dismissals and impeachment of those involved in a real constitutional state.

Instead of getting to the bottom of the escapades of those involved in their own ranks and holding them accountable, attempts are made to intimidate you.

You are also still being harassed, discriminated against and literarly bullied.

Proof: HH17

(HH17: The police were sent to your door again. You ask who was there and why?)

Is that how a constitutional state works?