Authorities and judicial scandals IX

In a constitutional state, the actions of those in government are limited and regulated by laws. This is intended to prevent state arbitrariness. Courts have an obligation to independently monitor the actions of the goverment. Is that guaranteed in Germany? What if the culprits are from their own ranks?

Instead of admitting their own misdeeds, the accused attempt to arbitrarily enforce them at your own expense. You don't allow this and defend yourself. Those involved have power in their own hands, making it difficult for you to enforce law and order.

Concrete examples:

You are demonstrably harassed and violated in your elementary fundamental rights on behalf of the "public prosecutor's office" and the "judicial authority" Hamburg with false and fictitious circumstances.

After advies, the court will be involved in urgent proceedings on December 12th, 2019. Problem for those responsible: They must now confess their untrue statements and misconduct. What's happening now?

The urgent procedure is arbitrarily delayed and lies are told by those involved in court. In the name of the "judicial authorities" and the "public prosecutor's office" in Hamburg, the same personalities appear again and again. There is e.g. a Mr. Tim Stoberock.

Unfortunately, many of the defendants whom you, as a citizen, together with your lawyer, convicted for their illegal and adventurous actions are members of a party in Germany (SPD).

Mr. T. Stoberock knowingly and willfully lies and defrauds the court and others. Sometimes he doesn't even have the overview. He misrepresents the content of letters. It produces arbitrarly briefs that never existed.

Over the entire period it can be observed that Mr. Stoberock only tried to cover up the incidents. Is he an isolated case?

Why is Mr. T. Stoberoch interested in covering up the incidents? How politically motivated is your concern? Who is Mr. Stoberock? The following document will then be sent to you:

Proof (see below): HH32

HH32: A top candidate of the party (SPD) should investigate as a "public prosecutor" against manipulation and fraud by those involved from their own ranks and their own party. New impulses for the circus are always welcome.

On August 28, 2020, an alleged letter dated "07/06/2020" (scribbled by hand) from Mr. T. Stoberock is faked.

Proof: HH33

There has never been a letter dated 7/6/2020 and it has never been sent to you.

It is also pointed out several times to Mr T. Stoberock that nothing else is here the matter than the violation of your fundamental rights and the thwarting of the urgent procedure. He misses the main point, deliberately bypasses the core of the matter and tries to distract from it with mere "claim for damages ..." etc.

Proof: HH34

That's not the point!

The urgent application was received on December 12, 2019. Almost a duration of (at that time) 9 months is not an “unreasonably long” duration for the henchman either. 2.5 years have now passed. The urgent application is delayed to this day, while at the same time you are demonstrably be discriminated against, insulted and harassed by the same people with false and fictitious pretexts. Those close to you can confirm all this.

Access to files, even by the commissioned lawyer, is sabotaged with deception and tricks. It is only arbitrarly "worked" in one direction. Criminal proceedings from the own ranks are not prosecuted and thwarted by skillful mystification.

So that's how the rule of law works.