Authorities and judicial scandals II

It can be proven that there is lying and cheating to your detriment. You are discredited, insulted and discriminated against.

You will also be attacked. You have the law on your side and you are defend yourself after legal advice (2020).

What's happening now?

On the part of the same parties, everything else and against you (whether allowed or not allowed, nobody cares) will be dealt with and settled at lightning speed, but your procedure will be skilfully delayed and you will only receive the following message more than one year later (2021).

Proof (see below): HH50

(HH50: There are still around 60 other procedures to be processed, funding for your procedure is not expected in the foreseeable future.)


Those involved try by all means to evade responsibility. As a citizen, you remain steadfast and you don't be intimidated.

All of the information is available to those involved and the matter is explained in detail and concretely over several pages of evidence.

Those responsible must be therefore accountable.

While you are demonstrably harassed, coerced and your elementary basic rights violated almost every day by the same people involved, the matter is delayed for another year (almost 2 years now).

In a true constitutional state, those responsible face consequences.

In order to circumvent this and thwart the matter, there seems to be no limit to the fantasies of those involved.

Almost two years later (2022), one would like to know from you whether you are "interested" in your fundamental rights, the "continuation of the proceedings". They would also like to more or less urge you to "take back" the legal action (holding of those responsible accountable) and they play the fool at the same time.

We are talking about an “administrative court” in Germany.

Proof: HH51

To be continued.