Authorities and judicial scandals I

Far too many people still believe that crimes, committed by state actors, are punished on a constitutional basis. The reality is that attempts are often made to protect such offenders, based on the position of the offenders, against criminal consequences

What do you do when you get robbed? To inform the police? But what do you do when the police commit the crime themselves, also to inform the police? What do you do when you get stuck with the police and there is no progress? To call the supervisory authority, the Ministry of the Interior and Sport?

What do you do when the „supervisory authority keeps silent what happened and tries to cover up the incidents? To take legal action? What do you do when the court tries to spare the accused and to cover up the incidents too? To turn to Senate for Justice in Hamburg?

What do you do when the Hamburg judicial authority itself and Senate for Justice are demonstrably involved in various manipulations and infringements?

Therefore, there is no alternative to public scrutiny.

To give an example:

Imagine you are coming home in the evening and literally faced with a pillage. Door and window are demolished. It is unclear who exactly took what and by what rigth? There is a lot missing in the house. A "decision" from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) is demonstrably faked. 

The only thing you will find is the following piece of paper thrown around the corner ("various writtings"). That’s all.

Proof (see below): HH1

A Mr. Dierkes is responsible. He is contacted immediately and asked to answer questions. What und why exactly did he took away, but to no avail.

Proof: HH2

The acts of the police are demonstrably illegal, arbitrary and unauthorized.

The court tries to thwart the proceedings. The main perpetrators try to cover up and the perpetrators themselves remain unpunished to this day.

Access to the documents and information are denied.

Proof: HH3