Authorities and judicial scandals III

In a democratic country, it should be possible to convict those responsible for their fraudulent and criminal acts in the government institutions without being hunted yourself, schouldn’t it?

Should there be fear of reprisals? This includes abuse of power. This includes acts without any legitimation. Are such actions still conceivable and possible in Germany today? Provable, yes.

There are various file manipulations, cover-ups and illegal acts by the police. The responsible Senate is more concerned with concealing them. The court's deliberate thwarting of the proceedings is noticeable from the start. The judge starts with deception and wrong from the start:

1. He could "not" decipher the plaintiff and the defendant.

2. He could "not" assign the given file number, the named officer and the responsible police station.

3. He also denies the letter to the Senate for Home Affairs and Sport in Hamburg.

His information is false and untruthful. However, in order to invalidate his alleged “unknowingness” and at the same time prevent his attempts to cover-up:

1. For the "clueless" judge, the entire application, the plaintiff and the defendant are named and explained again and printed again specifically for him.

2. The name of the police officer, the file number and the responsible department are shown to him again.

3. The letter to the Senate of Interior and Sports of Hamburg (defendant), which was denied by the judge, is also presented to him again.

Proof: HH12

What else will the "independent" judge come up with?

"Controller" and the acting culprits: How is the relationship?

A constitutional state that survives by manipulating the judiciary?