Competence & credibility built on sand II

A judge descirbes the situation auf judiciary in Germany as follows:

“I have seen countless judges and public prosecutors who can simply be called criminals. It is not possible to proceed against such colleagues in the judiciary, because the system protects itself against an outing through consistent manipulation. When I think back to my job, I feel disgusted with people like me ”(Judge F. F. District court of Stuttgart).

If a judge describes the system like that, how depraved must the judiciary in Germany still be?

Imagine there will be lied and cheated to your detriment. You are also attacked by the same people. Those involved don't seem to like it when you defend yourself too. They also do whatever they want with your children. You will not be asked or involved in anything. As if you didn't exist.

In the present case, the police lie several times, also to the other authorities and courts, manipulate and fake several files (Part of this can be read in advance in this section under: Authorities and judicial scandals III & IV).

The court should, so to speak, ensure law and order. Responsible at the administrative court is a Mr. Eller. He is apparently responsible for the desired results for the authorities.

He misrepresents your application. He hides the demonstrably submitted attachments. He withhelds letters and documents from you. He dates his letters demonstrably wrong and e. g. retrospectively. He also consciously and willfully reports untruth. He does not want to have seen your applications. He arbitrarily withholds evidence against himself. The list is long. Several times he is caught in his escapades. Nobody cares.

You as a citizen are insulted, discriminated against and discredited by those involved.

He still does what he wants. He "decides" motley. There seems to be no stopping him. The evidence of his absurde actions are overwhelming. Complaints to his superiors do not help.

You are advised to present Mr. Eller's misconduct and derailments to the investigating authorities, preferably outside of Hamburg (nepotism). No sooner said than done (on over 28 pages). At the same time, you appeal to the public. With success.

The accused judge suddenly got cold feet. An example in advance:

Proof (see below): HH31

This is another document for the gallery.

Mr. Eller asks you to send his own decision back to him for correction. Welcome to the circus.

How he tried to circumvent this incident too can only be described as shameful .

A constitutional state that survives by manipulating the judiciary?