Authorities and judicial scandals VI

In a constitutional state, the actions of those in power are limited and regulated by laws. This is intended to prevent state arbitrariness.

Is that guaranteed in Germany?

No. Especially not when the perpetrators come from the ranks of those involved.

To give a concrete case:

You dared to expose and convict the misdeeds of those involved at the highest levels. As a result, you become a target.

This includes sending police officers indiscriminately to your door to "arrest" you. Mr. Jens Hardenkopf manages the Hamburg judiciary cash register.

Police officers will appear at your door at will for several days. Your basic and fundemental rights, including e.g. private sphere, do not matter to those involved. You are demonstrably arbitrarily coerced, harassed, discriminated against, insulted and discredited.

A Mr. Michael Rehmet is responsible for the police. He is also fully informed. But then he actually writes to the court that he doesn't know what it's about and he doesn't know your address.

To give just one concrete example from 2019: 

Proof (see below): HH25

(HH25 contains the address, name, service, patrol car and much more of those involved.)

That's all that's left for you.

- You turn to respective department and ask for help, in vain.

- You turn to the responsible supervisory authority, the authority for internal affairs and sport, and ask for a remedy, without success.

- You turn to the court. The judge responsible tried demonstrably to cover up the matter and thwart the proceedings.

- You seek the publicity, with success.

The parties involved demonstrably had faked an "order" and intended to "arrest" you.

Another scandal.

The exposure of the absurd and arbitrary actions of those involved was only possible through the public control.