Authorities and judicial scandals V

If police officers take over the job of postmen, as the responsible management reports, the workload should not be too high. Otherwise it is very unfair to overburdened officials. But apparently every means is right for those involved to cover up the incidents.


You find a letter in your letterbox. This letter did not throw the Deutsche Post (German Postal Service) in your letterbox, but rather several police officers who are not even responsible for your area of ​​residence. That means you live e.g.  in the north of Hamburg, but officials drive off from the south“ just to throw a letter in your letterbox“. This sheet does not have a name, a date or a signature too.

Proof (see below): HH14

You contact the responsible supervisory authority immediately, describe the matter and ask for clarification and also notification of the name, identity and their function. It should be noted that every day you will be torpedoed by the same people with absurd letters that is delivered by the German Postal Service.

A Ms. Dagmar Fischer from the "Disciplinary Department of the Hamburg Police" describes, that the police officers drove off from the west, so to speak, just to deliver a letter to you in the east of Hamburg. 

The names, identities, titles, date of that sheet ... are not disclosed.


Because the incidents and wohl processes are demonstrably scandalous.

As the police are still trying to cover up the facts a legal action - in good faith -  is taken in May 2018 after legal advice.

Those involved now have to answer.

What's happening now? The court delays the proceedings. Complaints and reminders are ignored,

Nothing happens in 2018.

Nothing happens in 2019.

Nothing happens in 2020.

At the end of 2021, the court wants to become “active”:

Proof: HH15

The processes, even afterwards, are something for the circus.

Are courts really allowed to help the authorities if they cannot cover up matters on their own?

Is that the job of the courts in Germany?