Authorities and judicial scandals IV

Germany of all places mocks the judiciary, the lack of rule of law, arbitrariness and violation of human rights in other countries. It should be remembered that nowhere else is there probably as much lying and cheating as in "judiciary" and partly also with the authorities in Germany.

To mention a specific case:

The Senate for Internal Affairs and Sport is responsible for overseeing the police in Hamburg. The establishment of law and order can be demanded by a senate at the latest. As already mentioned, the Senate was confronted with various of the illegal acts, manipulation and harassment of the police and asked for clarification and remedial action, but to no avail (One already published example HH12, see below).

After legal advice, the Senate of the Interior and Sport, Johanniswall 4 in 20095 Hamburg, represented by the responsible senator (also the name was expressly indicated), is brought to justice.

The sued Senate is skillfully spared accountability. The responsible ("independent") judge at the administrative court leads a case against a not even sued, wrongly informed and completely unknown body. The judge is made aware of this several times without success. The matter will be delayed. The management of the administrative court is confronted with the adventurous actions of the responsible judge and asked for remedial action, in vain.

This is, so to speak, the “answer" of the "Senate" on HH12.

No, this is a meaningless and unrelated letter from any employee police office who has not been complained about and is not even remotely informed. The concrete facts (HH12) are skilfully hidden.

Proof: HH13

That is all that the Senate, who was sued, has to say about the demonstrably falsifications and frauds of those involved from within their own ranks. Why are those involved dependent on such actions?

Two people, one Mr. Michael Rehmet and one Ms. Horstmann, are apparently responsible for the police. The lies and manipulations from within their own ranks are deliberately blocked out, while bully and harassment continue, even today. 

Rule of law or the the law of the strongest?