Inconvenient questions are unwelcome II

As already discribed, various irregularities and Infringements occurred at Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Schleswig-Holstein (cooporation of public law) and the State Central Bank of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR).

You find it out and turn to those responsible. You have every right to investigate. It's also about embezzlement of those responsible. You touche on a sore point. Main responsible person is a Mr. Ralph Ennenbach. Mr R. Ennebach is not only demonstrably trying to cover up the processes, but you are also demonstrably discriminated against and derogatorily insulted by him.

After that, you will hardly ever receive your wages properly and on time. You are also demonstrably harassed and bullied.

To give examples:

1. You are working full time, have a business, employees, fixed costs and much more. You are left without pay again. You immediately contact those involved and ask several times for your wages to be paid, in vain. You turn to the ministry. Nobody cares. Weeks have passed and you still haven't received your wages or any kind of information. You inquire with others. Everyone has long since received his fee on time, except you. More weeks go by and you still don't have your fee. You contact the Ombudsman.

This is what the Ombudsmann is told alongside all this:

“The reason for this is the Easter holidays”.

The Easter holidays come so "suddenly" every year. Everyone else has long since received his fee, only you have the “Easter holidays” for weeks as reason. You will not receive any other information too.

You refute all statements of those involved with facts and documents. Your due wages have been arbitrarily withheld and you will be put by those involved in distress for weeks. Weeks later, you will only receive your fee after the ombudsman has been involved.

2. In another case, you demonstrably submit all documents in full to the ASHIP. Again you wait in vain for your wages. You immediately contact those involved, without success. Weeks go by again and you don't get your wages. The management, Ralph Ennenbach, is only trying to cover up the incidents. You contact the Ministry again. What's happening now? It is shamelessly lied by those responsible of ASHIP.

Those involved report to the ministry that a signed declaration would be missing.

This statement is also a lie.

You draw the Ministry's attention to the fact that those involved are intentionally putting you under pressure and that the information is a lie.

Consequently, you then present the responsible persons with the evidence of the proper transmission of your documents and their confirmation of receipt at the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (ASHIP).

You also present the person responsible with evidence of the correct and signed transmission of your documents, confirmation of receipt of your documents at the ASHIP and also proof that the documents have of course been signed and stamped (Signature and stamp marked):

Proof (see below): SH14

Those involved are caught lying again.


Your wages are knowingly and intentionally withheld, illegally and in a highly criminal manner and not paid out.

You have an ongoing business.

The responsible ministry remains silent and looks on idly.

In the end, you present all the evidence (including SH14) to the investigating authorities.

Only then, after months, you receive the wages you have been entitled to for months.

A group of criminal scum in the guise of a "corporation under public law" led by Ralph