Lost authorities & embarrassing judiciary I

What should a citizen be prepared for if those responsible of the state institutions are demonstrably conspicuous and convicted several times with delinquent acts?

Authorities that only benefit themselves? Harassment at all levels? Fraudulent and arbitrary in the „judiciary“?

Various lawyers have been consulted on a particular matter.

Consistent result: The documents must be submitted to the competent ministry, ministry of Justice.

The documents have been submitted to the competent ministry.

Response from the Ministry of Justice:

Proof (see below): SH8

The responsible ministry intentionally turns a blind eye to the facts and at the same time shifts the responsibility.

Is it allowed for a Ministry of Justice to look away from the extent of the misdeeds?

Who does play whom into the hands?


That's not all.

Those accused systematically lie and cheat at the court.

The six-figure claims that you as a citizen are asserting and which you are legally entitled to are not only being deliberately delayed for years, but attempts are also being made to thwart them.

Criminal legal steps and criminal proceedings against accused persons from their own ranks. a Ms. S. Hamdorf and a Mr. H. Blöcher (Schleswig-Holstein State Social Court) are skillfully thwarted.

A Mr. Jörn Weitzmann, Arnold-Heise-Str. 9, 20249 Hamburg, lies to the court.

But they want to collect “costs” from you. Everything is submitted to the relevant ministry. A Ms. Birgitte Preuk is responsible person, Brigitte Preuk.

To be continued.