Inconvenient questions are unwelcome I

Everything, including those in the other sections of this blog, is interrelated. As already discribed, various irregularities and Infringements occurred at Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Schleswig-Holstein and the State Central Bank of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR).

You find it out and turn to those responsible. Those responsible fear the consequences. Instead of getting to the bottom of the adventurous occurrences, attempts are made to cover them up. At the same time there is a demonstrable sequence of perfidious actions by those involved.

To give another example:

The CEO of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (ASHIP) in Schleswig-Holstein was dismissed for fraud. His firing was accompanied by abuse of office, data breaches and intrigue. His managing director called Ralph Ennenbach. He's in office today.

You submit your documents to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physician (corporation of public law) in various ways and wait for your wage. Your wage doesn‘t come.

You contact the employee responsible immediately.

He “knows” about “nothing”.

You have a company, employees, fixed costs and much more and stand there again with no wages.

The background is that your fee for 100 cases reported and received by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians is being embezzled there.

You would „not“ have submitted the documents and your documents would „not“ be available there.

That is demonstrably a lie.

Those involved continue to lie through one‘s teeth. The managing director responsible, Ralph Ennenbach, tries to cover up the incidents too. You still don’t get your wages and those involved put you deliberately in trouble. You achieve nothing for months.

You can prove your description. Finaly, you ask the supervisory ministry for support.

Those involved will be convicted. The 100 cases with the four-digit sum of money that were demonstrably received by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and "disappeared" there are found and established there.

The missing four-digit amount of money seems to have "nobody" noticed for months. In order to cover up this evasion, every one of those responsible then describes another variant of the incident and also tries to cover up this embezzlement too. Lastly, they themselves pull the strings. .

Your salary as a founder is still not coming. The Federal Ministry and other actors must intervene. About 9 months later, you will receive the salary to which you are entitled.