Overwhelming evidence I

The CEO of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (ASHIP) in Schleswig-Holstein was dismissed for fraud. His firing was accompanied by abuse of office, data breaches and intrigue. His managing director called Ralph Ennenbach. He's in office today.

There are still incredible und scandalous conditions at the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Schleswig-Holstein (ASHIP-SH). Among other things, fees have been demonstrably embezzled, patient documents that submitted there, suddenly disappeared, fraud and much more.

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, YFS, in Kiel is the responsible authority.

1. Evidence and documents about the escapades of those involved are submitted to the Ministry. The Ministry says that the Ministry is only a “legal supervision“.

1a: A person, named Bettina Neke, from the ministry declares herself responsible. 

She writes (original text):

"The supervisory function was assigned to me. There is only a legal supervision of the ASHIP (An institution under public law), but NOT a subjectspecific supervision of the ASHIP. There is NO subjectspecific supervision of the ASHIP. In contrast to subjectspecific supervision, legal supervision has only limited examination options."

Further evidence of crimes and manipulations by those involved in ASHIP is presented to the same ministry.

1b: A Mr. Thomas Bellizzi from the same Ministry answers now.

He writes (original text):

"The role of the ministry is limited to pure subjectspecific supervision. After examination by the subjectspecific supervisor, there is no misconduct and intervention by the ministry is not possible.

Is that how credible and competent employees of a ministry are? Why does a ministry depend on such mendacity? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to get to the bottom of the grievances and hold those involved to account? That would also be in the general interest.

2. An ideal opportunity to reveal harassments, arbitrariness and grievances of those responsible. In 2018, multiple applications were made to the ASHIP for inspection of the files. The application has disappeared at the ASHIP. Those involved are demonstrably convicted of the lie. The ASHIP endeavors to thwart access to the files by all means. These include excuses like; They “don't” know which department is meant etc. All information provided by those involved is invalid. Access to the files is further prevented.

After legal advice, those responsible will again be explicitly and specifically written to on 08/08/2019. The application is also sent separately to the individual departments.

Proof (see below): SH5

Suddenly it is very quiet there. Access to files has consequences for those responsible. The right to inspect files is constitutionally enshrined in Germany. Every citizen has the right to inspect files. Access to files is also required to assert and defend legal interests. The responsible ministry turns a blind eye. From a constitutional point of view, it is evidence of incapacity.

To this day, attempts have been made to prevent transparency and the law through arbitrariness and tricks.