Please judge it for yourself VII

Nazi walks are part of the weekend fun. This is how a journalist describes everyday life in Wismar (Former GDR) .

Who believes that these people are just on the streets and not firmly anchored in the system?

To give specific examples:

Except for those accused themselves from the above "court" (if one can call it a court) is a supposedly completed case known to no one else. Any effort you make, even with the Ministry of Justice, fails.

But those accused continue to cheat and lie to your detriment. You as a citizen must therefore urgently defend yourself. Because the information provided by those involved is demonstrably a lie and the processes are arbitrary and inadmissible. Ultimately, as a precautionary measure and after obtaining legal advice, you submit a further application.

While you are being harassed, blackmailed and discriminated against daily, your urgent application is being deliberately delayed til today.

Proof (see below): MV78

Finally, on January 3rd, 2023, you contact the management, Martin Meermann (Sigrun Meermann's husband), and ask to remedy the situation.

It's about the highly criminal processes in the above "court" - if one can speak of a "court" - in which Martin Meermann himself is involved.

That's how hideous Martin Meermann tries to evade accountability:

Proof (original text 06.01.2023)

Your request can not be assigned to the file number mentioned in your letter.

You enlighten Martin Meermann & Co again and urgently ask for help again and again.

Martin Meermann and Co. are now disappeared.

Does it become even more criminal and hideous? Yes.

While your application is being arbitrarily delayed and Martin Meermann & Co are disappeared, the following happens to you:

Proof: MV80

(MV80: You should transfer “43,883.76 €” to Ms. Brückner and Co from the former GDR)

On April 6th, 2023, you contacted Martin Meermann & Co at the above-mentioned "court" (if one can call it a "court") and urged them again to process your application.

Your application will continue to be delayed. The matter has now been forwarded to the responsible Ministry of Justice.


The responsible Ministry of Justice remains silent to this day.

Your highly explosive issue continues to be delayed.

A Mr. Hanenkamp, Mr. Wittke and Mr. Hansen are at work at the “Rostock Higher Regional Court”.

These gentlemen are responsible for stopping the crime in the first instance (“local court” in Wismar, if one can speak of a “court”).

Nothing of the sort.

A “higher regional court” in the east of the Republic (Former GDR), Rostock, will be now presented below.

Who is actually a Mr. Jörn Weitzmann (Arnold-Heise-Str. 9, 20249 Hamburg) with connection to Rostock (Former GDR) and what happened to the criminal proceedings against Mr. Jörn Weitzmann?

To be continued.