What if criminals or racists were in charge I?

As already shown, any nonsense, fraud  and criminal acts can be proven to those involved at the "Local Court Wismar" if we can call it a court.

There is still an increase:

More than €45,000.00 (forty-five thousand) will be "enforced" and "seized" over the years from you.

There are also verifiable "costs" for "procedures" etc. calculated and "enforced" that did not even exist. Complaints and requests for remedy, even to those with the highest level of responsibility, are hidden. Attempts are also being made to cover up the processes. Even lawyers remain helpless.

The director of the above "court", Martin Meermann, also tries to cover up the incidents.

Martin Meermann and Co are initiating actions against you. It should be noted that they are demonstrably and legally even not responsible for you at all. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR), however, those involved do not need to be worry. Because nobody asks there.

Martin Meermann's wife is called Sigrun Meermann. Sigrun Meermann (62) can be proven (Proof: Berliner Zeitung, etc.) that she campaigns for the neo-Nazis (Holocaust denier) to have their sentences reduced at the Schwerin District Court and implements this accordingly.

A neo-Nazi sympathizer as a judge?

Martin Meermann and Co. do the preliminary work and he leaves the rest to his wife Sigrun Meermann 

(MV63: Mr. Meermann! Enclosed is your wife's letter. Perhaps you can discuss this with your wife tonight, at whatever opportunity. MV64: Letter from his wife.)


Proof (see below): MV63-64

The clique actually has the illusion of being able to circumvent the law and regulation in this way.