Please judge it for youerself III

7a. The document designated by the court is not in a delivered mail. It is not clear what the content of the document cited by the court is and by whom it was written.

The court is contacted and requested to also serve the specified document.

7b. The right to the legal judge is enshrined in law in Germany. This means that everyone has the right to a pre-determined and subsequently verifiable determination of which judge is responsible for which case.

The court is asked to indicate who (which judge) is responsible for the proceedings.

That is the "answer" of the court on 7ab. That's all.

The document is not served and the responsible judge is not named.

Proof (see below): MV9

8. A date for the oral hearing will be arranged on March 30th, 2021. On April 29th, 2021 the court will be asked to send the records of the oral hearing. Now it says: The file would “not” be there. The minutes, "extracts from the file", would "only be sent for a fee".

Proof: MV10

Supplementary information: There are no fees for the minutes in Germany. Almost half a year has now passed. To date, the minutes have not been sent and no information has been given.