Making deception & manipulation social acceptable III

With topics such as the wedding scandal, company car scandal, special payments for managers and others the "President of the State Parliament" in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania makes headlines.

In some areas, it seems that the better a person is at lying and the more adept at covering up, the better his chances of advancement.

Everything that can go wrong and illegal is proven to those involved at all levels. Those involved must take responsibility. But they are also well organized to cover up. Specifically, there are various irregularities and frauds are found between the police and the associated district and the local youth authorities.

The leading civil servant of the district was called Birgit Hesse.

It doesn't matter what evidence and documents you confront the main perpetrators with. Either nothing happens or they just lie and cover up for their own protection. There must be relationships between those involved. As a result, you as a citizen ask the higher supervisors for help, but in vain. With such a plot, it is not easy to prove appropriate connections. Anyway, it goes hand in hand there. Law and order don't matter. There is simply no getting through from the outside.

The processes become more dubious and more intriguing. Instead of getting to the bottom of them, you are  discriminated against, discredited, harassed and bullied.

You do not let intimidate yourself and try to get to the bottom of the matter and provide the evidence. You contact the responsible Ministry of the Interior and ask for clarification and information (see below).

Ms. Birgit Hesse, who has been proven to have committed numerous illegal acts, attempted cover-ups and untrue statements, is no stranger to the police in Wismar.

The district was skillfully silent about it and tried to hide the matter. Your complaints have be hidden. Then they blocked.


Ms. Birgit Hesse previously personally headed the Wismar police station.

Proof (see below): MV24

(MV24: Confirmation from the Ministry).