Making deception & manipulation social acceptable II

Everything that can go wrong and illegal with those involved can be proven at all levels.  The school is one of them. They know each other. It does not look better at the education authority and the Ministry of education. It is lied. Clarification, access to the documents and transparency? Nothing. It is also the case that precisely those who have to get to the bottom of the grievances are themselves in trouble and have to answer.

To give examples:

1. Those responsible lie and deceive a sole "right of custody" and sole "right to determine the place of residence“. The ministry of education is immidiatly contacted. On January 22nd, 2013, a person named Kai Breithaupt reports and literally beats around the bush.

Proof (see below): MV15

He writes: Everything "would be allright" and he allegedly has "decisions". He was contacted immediately. His statements are refuted with facts and documents. Because they are demonstrably wrong and lied. 

Kai Breithaupt is requested to submit his "decisions" etc. immediately. He couldn't do it. He hasn't made it until today. Why?  

Because they don't exist. 

It was a lied.

2. The detailed explanations and extensive descriptions, given in 2013, will be delayed knowingly and skillfully as well ignored intentionally by the responsible Ministry for two years. It took also two years to ask for a "call". Quite curiously, the ministry only refers to "2015". It writes that the minister will clarify and answer and at the same time it alleged requested reaction of the mentioned "school office".

Proof: MV16

The unlawfulness, inadmissible and illegal acts as well as manipulations of the participants from the own ranks must be admitted now.

What happened? Nothing.

The "Minister" has neither clarified  the “facts of the matter“ nor "answered" til today. 

The “at the same time“ alleged requested reaction of the mentioned "school office" is missing until today.

How was it attempted to avoid accountability afterwards and delay the proceedings to one's own protection defies description.