It stinks to high heaven IV

There is lying and cheating to your detriment and you are also demonstrably attacked intentionally and under false pretenses. You defend yourself. Those involved don't like it because you have the right and the law on your side and that doesn't suit those involved.

To give specific examples:

1. Your request for evidence will be bypassed. You present evidence and apply for consultation of a file.

Proof (see below): HH38

This fact is skilfully circumvented. Why? Because the file would also cut the ground from under the feet of those involved.

2. To your detriment, it's not just lies that are told, you will also be demonstrably discriminated against, discredited and racially insulted. Information and access to the documents will be arbitrarily blocked for you. Your elementary and existential basic rights are also trampled on. You present facts and documents and contact the person responsible.

You will then receive this letter from Mr. Linker:

Proof: HH39

After legal advice, you list the points and processes in detail on 21 pages and present them with the relevant facts and evidence to those responsible. Then you will receive the following letter:

Proof: HH40

The first sentence of this letter is nonsense. Of course you are legally entitled to do so. And the second sentence says your argument is "too general" and "inadmissible". It is important to note that you have made accurate and detailed claims with proofs.

3. You will be attacked again and further. You seek legal advice and file an appeal against the decision of the first instance in a timely manner. This is what Mr Linker writes to you:

Proof: HH41

That is nonsense too. You are, of course, granted the right to lodge an appeal.

4. Those involved continue to lie to your detriment. A Mr. Linker and a Mr. Schmidt are responsible. Those involved are caught again in their adventurous actions.

What's happening now?

The accused are now trying to limit the damage. An attempt will be made to thwart your submitted and decision-relevant appeal.


There are no limits to the fantasies of those involved. Mr. Linker writes to you that you missed the deadline.


Because he didn't send you the decision. He then actually writes that he would have served the decision "publicly". That means: You are said to have missed the deadline for a decision that you have never received.

Proof: HH42

Fraud and tricks are bad enough. But when the silliness and a kind of folly are added, it tops it all.

It should be noted that Mr. Linker writes to you all the time, sends you letters, "decisions" and delivers everything else before and after the said "decision" exclusively personally.

The actions of those involved are extremely embarrassing and the processes are ready for a circus.