It stinks to high heaven III

Imagine it has been proven that lies and deception are being carried out to your detriment. Those responsible from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Former GDR) stagger from one lie to the next and seem to enjoy any nonsense to cover up their own failures.

Arbitrary acts are fabricated and carried out against you. You are at the mercy of the arbitrariness and highly criminal acts of those involved. You are constantly being coerced and harassed. You defend yourself and file complaints and applications. These are deliberately delayed by those involved. The information that every citizen is entitled to is cleverly bypassed and not given.

To name specific processes and examples:

The following letter has been sent to you ("enforcement").

Proof (see below): HH18

The above Person will be contacted immediately. Because the information is demonstrably contrary to law, false and untrue. Those responsible are exposed. You will then receive the following letter (You are informed that the "proceedings will be ended"). 

Proof: HH19

You also ask about the reason for "the end of the proceedings". You get no information. You ask several times again, in vain. Finally you ask the responsible supervisory person to help. You receive the following letter.

Proof: HH20

Your inquiry about the reason is skilfully avoided & not answered. At t same time, you are demonstrably blackmailed, harassed and coerced. You are not intimidated & ask again for information, in vain. After several requests you contact again the responsible supervisory person. You receive the following letter.

Proof: HH21

Your application about the reason is again avoided & not answered. You ask again, without success:

There is simply no getting through and no anwer is given.

Finally, you apply for inspection of the files. Your request, inspection of the files, is also delayed and refused. It is literally written:  "I inform you that I have closed the proceedings” and “therefore see no reason to send the files”. Otherwise there is also only babbling of those responsible. The letters to you are also dated as the responsible person desired. Apparently there are no control persons. 

Proof: HH22

You must contact again the responsible supervisory person.

You receive the following letter.

Proof: HH23

You are only informed, ""The date was canceled because the order was intended for the local court and not for the bailiff."

Which "court", reason, by whom, file number of the court, when ... will be continued to be skilfully withheld. 

Your inquiry about the reason is still skilfully avoided & not answered too.

It has now been 6 weeks and you are not getting the information you need while being harassed, discriminated against and coerced at the same time.

You seek the public control.

Only then you receive the information which yo haven been entitled to for weeks:

Proof: HH24

They write: "The case was submitted to the Local Court for an arrest warrant to be issued".

Until then, your were at the mercy of those involved and did not even know what those involved were up to. You could not even have defended yourself against it.

It is very "strange" that you are being coerced, blackmailed and harassed almost every day and that the mentioned person only wants to "notice" after more than 3 months (receipt there 02/26/2021) that she is working on the wrong "assignment".

What has actually been and is being tried here behind closed doors is shameful and not intended for the ears and eyes of the public.

Who is a Mr. Jörn Weitzmann from Hamburg with connections to Rostock?