Transparency demanded II

As already mentioned, even in the poorest socially disadvantaged areas of a big city, you are unlikely to encounter as many lies, heinous acts and crime as in the authorities, including the judiciary, including the courts and the prosecutor's office, as well as the police.

Specific examples:

You contact those involved using the following letter, also for the purpose of gathering evidence:

Proof (see below): HH78

(HH78: You request that criminal files of two public prosecutors, a police officer and another officer as well as a "judge", if one call ihm "judge" have to be used.)

If those highly criminal participants and proven racists have nothing to hide, why don't they put cards on the table?

Terms such as “dictatorship” and “police state” are often used in Germany to describe such actions and processes abroad.

Those accused waste time for months.

The court management evades responsibility for the highly criminal activities of those involved. The highest supervisory authority is involved.

A Ms. Heldmann is responsible at the Hamburg District Court.

This lady is said to hold the position of “judge” at a distric court.

Well then. Have fun.

What happens to a citizen when he uncovers highly criminal activities and he has unprecedented control over a criminal force of those accused within the state apparatus?

So, courage needs protection.

A “talented” Ms. Trautmann is responsible at the “General Public Prosecutor’s Office” of Hamburg.

You feel nauseaus when you see and read what this lady, Ms. Trautmann, from a “public prosecutor’s office" of Germany, writes.

The application (application for evidence)  is presented and she (Ms. Trautmann from the "General Public Prosecuter's Office of Hamburg") is asked to confirm her information under oath.

Proof: HH80


The responsible persons at the Hamburg Higher Regional Court are a

Ms. Kuschel,

who had previously worked at the district court of Hamburg and committed a series of unimaginable, partly highly criminal, acts,

a Mr. Tully and a Ms. Bruns,

who were already involved in the shameful Processes and illegal actions of 2017.

A criminal pact on this level?

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

And how do you arrest them und put an end to their criminal actions?

In a real democracy and a real constituional state, there is no alternativ and no indispesability to public controll.

To be continued.