How those involved try to cover up an abusive and illegal “bankruptcy filing” I

It has been proven that a “bankruptcy petition” is filed on the basis of untrue and fabricated facts while at the same time suppressing true facts.

You are entitled to compensation.

You hold those accused responsible and hold them accountable.

Firstly, your claim for damages has “disappeared” by those involved. You turn to the supervisory person.  The statement of claim then appears. It will then be forwarded to the Hamburg District Court.

At the district court of Hamburg is a

Ms. Gissa-Dib


The point is that those accused have demonstrably initiated a completely illegal and abusive “bankruptcy application” against you.

As a citizen, you also explained everything and provided relevant evidence.

Even in the socially weakest districts of a big city, there are probably not as many lies and crimes as here in a district court.

Proof (see below): HH88

Ms. Gissa-Dib (Hamburg District Court) writes to you:

1. No statement was received from those accused (defendant).

2. She does not want to request bankruptcy documents (evidence).

3. She doesn't want to call the witness (evidence).

4. The fact that those accused consciously and deliberately keep quiet about their crimes and serious offenses and try to evade explanation and testimony ignores the good lady

Gissa-Dib (Local Court of Hamburg),

also consciously and intentionally.

To be continued.