It stinks to high heaven VII

Imagine money is stolen from you demonstrably based on untruthful information, fabricated and freely invented circumstances and suppression of truths,

A group of criminals and  some racists from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Former GDR) were involved here too.

After legal advice, you take legal action. These are being deliberately delayed by almost two years.

Proof (see below): HH66

(HH66: You ask the court to continue the proceedings.)

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

The state is responsible for ensuring law and order.

What if the proven crimes are being carried out under the cover of the state and those involved are just trying to cover up the processes?

As already mentioned, everything, including that of the other sections in this blog, is demonstrably connected.

Your legal action (HH 66) continues to be delayed. You contact now the director of the court.

Those involved are demonstrably obliged to give you your money back.

However, the matter continues to be delayed by those responsible.

A Mr. Matthias Buhk is responsible for the supervision at the local court of Altona.

Those involved now have big, big problems.

Mr. Matthias Buhk will be contacted.

Mr. Matthias Buhk avoids responsibility and the highly explosive matter. He also disregards your fundamental rights.


Mr. Matthias Buhk is once again reminded of the money stolen from you, the criminal behavior of those involved and the ongoing proceedings!

He still avoids responsibility.

Who is actually a Jörn Weitzmann (Friedrichshof HP, Ferdinandstraße 29-33, 20095 Hamburg) with connections to Rostock (Former GDR) and what happened to the criminal proceedings against Jörn Weitzmann?

How much money did Jörn Weitzmann embezzle?

To be continued.