It stinks to high heaven VIII

As already mentioned, those involved are demonstrably lying and cheating to your detriment.

Any mischief also seems to be fine with those involved in order to hide their own failure and incompetence and evade accountability

Concrete examples:

1. Your verifiably signed and urgent letter is received by the those responsible. While you will be bullied and harassed by the same people, your letter will not be processed. The supervisory authority must intervene.

This is how those involved make lame excuses weeks later.

Proof (see below): HH53

(HH53: Your letter without a signature cannot be processed.)

You, as a citizen, also revealed these untruthful statements of those involved, refute them and present it to the main responsible. Instead of admitting the falsehood and holding those responsible accountable, this incident was also covered up. Responsible is a Mr. Dieter Gerichhausen.

The appalling acts of the accused continue.

2. You will not receive the information to which you are legally entitled. The documents to which you are legally entitled will also be withheld from you intentionally and unlawfully and will not be sent. All your efforts are blocked by the accused for weeks and remain unsuccessful.

3. Finally, you issue a legally verified power of attorney and send the persons you have commissioned and authorized personally to the court for inspection and making copies.

3a. The legally correct power of attorney has legal force, so that the file is handed over for inspection.

However, the inspection of the files is demonstrably one hundred percent associated with serious consequences for the accused and their adventurous actions.

The accused include an overwhelmed Mr. Linke and a pitiful judicial officer Mr. Bellhäuser (both Local Court of Hamburg, Sievekingsplatz 1 in 20355 Hamburg) as well as a brazen Mr. Jörn Weitzmann (Arnold-Heise-Str. 9, in 20249 Hamburg) whom a series of escapades can be proven and racist insults and discrimination belong to his special qualities.

3b. The file is then arbitrarily and illegally taken away again by an aggressive Mr. Bellhauser and your representatives sent out the door by him in a despparaging manner.

This way is also thwarted and prevented illegally and arbitrarily by those accused.

In good faith in law and order, you present all the processes, escapades and documents to the responsible management (local court of Hamburg), in this case a Mr. Dieter Gerichhausen.

In Germany, however, the impression often arises that the management is not there to eliminate the grievances and hold the guilty to account, but rather specialize in it; how they can best cover up the abstruse and partly criminal processes in their own ranks. For this, every nonsense, but really also every nonsense, seems to be right for them.

Fact is, if you get the documents, heads will roll. So you are, as a citizen, uncomfortable for those accused.

4. The documents now show that those involved, as you suspected, actually intended to lure you into the authorities in order to “arrest” you on the basis of untruthful and freely invented circumstances and suppression of true facts. You have become dangerous to the accused and their misdeeds.

Yes, we are talking about Germany and you can proof your statements with facts and documents.

Mr. Dieter Gerichhausen (local court of Hamburg) knows very well that the authorized persons you have commissioned and authorized should have been given the opportunity to inspect, make copies or take notes. Mr. D. Gerichhausen then only tries to cover up the processes.


- The documents will not be sent to you

- Access to the file, making copies and notes by the authorized persons sent by you are consciously and intentionally thwarted by an uneducated "judicial clerk" named Bellhauser. Control persons & control bodies? Dead loss.

But you should defend yourself.

Just perverse.

However, that's not all, there are increases and it becomes even more embarrassing for those accused:

5. As a last consequence the lawyer is consulted.

Proof: HH58

(HH58: I am the lawyer of... . Please send me the file. The costs will be paid by us.)

The actions of those accused are thereupon also not only unlawful but also disgusting and shameful.

Your lawyer does not receive the file either.

On the part of the accused (A Ms. Kompisch and a Mr. Bellhäuser, Local Court of Hamburg, Sievekingplatz 1, 20355 Hamburg), the lawyer, at his request of July 3rd, 2019, was told on July 10th, 2019 that the sending of the files to him (lawyer) was not possible.


Proof (original text):

Because the file is far too extensive.

It should be noted that it is only a single file and of course files can and must be sent (often these are only for 1-3 x 24 hours). This means that the accused are obliged to do so.

An old proveber tells: Lies do not travel far:

6. Now is the supervisor is asked for help. He writes on July 24, 2019 that the file had not been sent.


Proof (original text):

Because the file cannot be sent due to the upcoming deadline of August 16, 2019.

First the completely contradictory statements. Then they want to wait from 07/03/2019 to 07/24/2019 to inform you on 07/25/2019 that the file is not dispensable due to an appointment almost four weeks later on 08/16/2019.

How big must be the scale of the crime of those accused that they are dependent on such dirty and mendacious actions.

You do not receive the documents yourself. Inspection, making copies and notes by the authorized representatives that sent by you to the court will be thwarted. The lawyer does not get the file with mendacious statements by those accused.

And you should defend yourself.

The dirty and criminal actions of those involved continue.

7. A letter from November 15th, 2021 will be sent to you on March 16th, 2022. Those involved apparently enjoy a kind of fool's freedom.

Proof: HH62

(HH62: You will be asked for your statement)

That is not all.

8. Reports are attached to this letter which the court received. A Ms. Kompisch and a Mr. Bellhäuser are responsible. You should comment on these. But you do not get the reports, which are essential to the desired testimony. You repeatedly state that you need the reports and there is no alternative to the reports for your statement and ask for them, in vain.

A Mr. Hans-Dietrich Rzadtki is the responsible supervisor at the local court of Hamburg.


You are supposed to comment on some "reports", but these reports will not be sent to you.
So how big must the extent of the crime of the accused be that they are dependent on such dirty and criminal actions.
Yes, we are talking about Germany.

9. You submit everything, including the fact that you do not get the documents relevant to the decision and the above indispensable reports, to Mr. Hans-Dietrich Rzadtki again and ask him again to remedy the situation. You also call for an investigation into whether the actions of the accused have a racist background.

Proof: HH63

You specifically inform Mr. Hans-Dietrich Rzadtki of your request:

Proof (original text from 03/24/2022):
In addition to his condescending statements, the accused states that he allegedly "reported" something and also submitted a "final report".
Please make them available to us.

What does Mr. Hans-Dietrich Rzadtki do?


You are supposed to defend yourself and express your opinion, but you do not receive the reports and the necessary documents.

At the same time, those involved continue to incite the police against you (even today!).

Terms such as “dictatorship” and “police state” are often used in Germany to describe such actions and processes abroad.

You neither receive the reports on which you are supposed to comment nor the files and one "decision" after another is issued, the content of which is equally incorrect.

Yes, we're talking about Germany.

10. At the District Court of Hamburg is a

Mr. Illmer

the responsible person.

You get bad when you see and read what this person says and the people around him and above him try to cover up the actions.

As a citizen, you leave no stone unturned to make it clear that the above-mentioned Mr,

Mr Illmer (District Court of Hamburg),

lies, repots completely wrong and illegal.

Without success.

As a final consequence, you demand that Mr. Illmer, if he stands by his statements, certify his statements under oath.

That is the "answer":

Proof: HH86

(HH86): He, Mr. Illmer, doesn't need it and you have no right to it.

This means he can lie, cheat, cover up, break the law and much more without facing any penalty.

11. While you are being harassed, coerced and your fundamental rights violated every day, the matter that the defendants themselves have set up illegally, unconstitutionally and criminally is being delayed. As a citizen, you ask about that and submit further evidence.

This is the “answer” of those from December 14th, 2023:

Proof: HH87

(HH87: Those accused don’t want to counteract the evidence and “continue” the process when the "files are available").

Today is April 04th, 2024 and nothing has happened while you continue to be coerced, harassed, and yes, blackmailed.

Mr. Linke (“judge” at the “Hamburg Local Court”), who demonstrably informed you on December 14th, 2023 (HH87) that he would like to continue the proceedings immediately after “return of the file”, is apparently still in hibernation.

Mr. Linke is reminded again of his letter of December 14, 2023, in which he promised to continue the proceedings immediately, and once again asked to promote the process.

It seems that hibernation is still ongoing.

12. The city of Hamburg is being sued for damages amounting to millions.

The background is also that a few fools among those involved filed for "bankruptcy" in a demonstrably illegal, completely unconstitutional and completely idiotic way by faking falsehoods and fictions and at the same time suppressing real facts and real documents.

Instead of doing everything possible to fully investigate proven criminal cases, to fulfill your claim for damages and hold the accused accountable, you as a citizen are arbitrarily attacked and harassed.

They also try to intimidate you.

The people around you notice everything and can witness it.

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

The matter, according to Article 17 of the Basic Law ao, has now been forwarded to the responsible complaints management team (Adress: Gänsemarkt 36, 20354 Hamburg).

A Ms. Jacobs and a Mr. Grohmann (Gänsemarkt 36, in 20354 Hamburg) are responsible.

Today is April 15th, 2024 and

Mr. Linke (Hamburg Local Court)

is still in hibernation.


Today is June 9, 2024.

While you as a citizen continue to be harassed, coerced and blackmailed by the same people

every day (even today),

Mr. Linke (Hamburg Local Court)

is still in hibernation.

13. The case has now been handed over to the responsible investigative authorities.

What is a state that calls itself a “constitutional state” and yet has a highly criminal pillar?

To be continued.