Is Germany a police state III?

Not on paper.

What is the reality?

Judge it for yourself:

It has been proven that those involved lie and cheat to your detriment. As a citizen, you have exposed the catastrophic and criminal conditions of those involved, some at the highest level.

As a result,  you become a target. You are harassed and bullied by the authorities, including the police.

Yes, we are talking about Germany.

Terms such as “dictatorship” and “police state” are often used in Germany to describe such actions and processes abroad.

An example:

Proof (see below): HH17

(HH17:The police with highly aggressive behavior have been sent to your door again. You ask who was there and why?)

Finaly, you hire a lawyer.

Are some lawyers also being adapted and intimidated in Germany?

If a lawyer, in agreement with the opposing party, acts to your detriment, he will be punished with imprisonment from one to five years.

What if you, as a citizen, have documents and evidence about such activities?

What role do a Mr. Jan Wittig from the Hamburg school authoritiy, where chaos reigns, and a Mrs. Schefzig from the Hamburg Administrative Court play here?

Everything, including that of the other sections in this blog, is demonstrably connected.

Those accused will be contacted on June 21st, 2023.

Proof: HH67

(HH67: The lawyer writes that he represents your interests and would like to inspect the files.)

Your request is very urgent. As you continue to be harassed and discriminated against and there is no response from the police, you contact the lawyer quickly.

A Ms. Sell from the police, who appears to be on your doorstep more often than on her own doorstep, ist the responsible person.

This lady from the police, Ms. Sell, who has discriminated against you in various incidents in the past, insulted you and appeared maybe to have racist attitudes, seems to enjoy a kind of fool's freedom.

On July 3rd, 2023 you will receive a letter from the talented Ms. Sell.

Ms. Sell from the police would like to inform you on June 23, 2023 that she submitted your letter to the "Schwerin public prosecutor's office" (Former GDR) on June 26, 2023.

Proof: HH68

Competence and credibility look somewhat differently.

As a lawyer, you will generally be given access to files in such situations within 3-7 days. It has now been almost months and nothing happened. 

Almost 3 months have now passed and the access to the files? It continues to be deliberately delayed and those accused wriggle like an eel.

If those accused have nothing to hide, why don't they put their cards on the table?

As a citizen, you continue to be harassed, discriminated against and violated in your elementary basic rights.

And the inspection of files?

It is skilfully bypassed and delayed.

The lawyer is informed and now asked to inquire once.

5 months have now passed again.

And the inspection of files?

It is skilfully bypassed and delayed.

The lawyer you paid got his full money from the start and he doesn't even ask once.

Is there no basic law in Germany?

What is an Attorneys Code?

The responsible Ministry of Justice (Former GDR) is informed and asked to help and take action.


In June 2023, the lawyer requested access to the files in the extremely urgent matter (HH68).

Almost seven months have now passed and you have still not received an answer from the “public prosecutor’s office” in Schwerin, where the highly criminal circumstances of those involved are part of their daily business, nor have you inspected the files.

You as a citizen continue to be harassed and have your fundamental rights violated (even today!). Your are advised to inform the highly paid lawyer and demand action. He writes you as follows:

Proof (original text):

Hello..., it may take up to 6 months before we can access the files.

So, his 6 months are long gone and he is somehow disappeared.

He has already received his money in full.

What would you do as a citizen?

To be continued.